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And I thought they played about whether they sing the song or not...
Great page
Of course, posing is the most fun part of a battle^^
Hiker's teeth appear a bit strange to me though... aren't they usually pointed and a little ziggzagg? well, at least my one are^^ maybe I need to see some human reference again...
Maybe you already noticed, but your link to mangamagazine is broken at the blank.
Likely the site's softare decided to stop the link there...

Anyway, simply clicking won't work currently. to still access the correct site, copy&pasting the link into the address-line still works.
December 8th, 2013
I can't read more than two sentences of the vision^^
I also don't get his situation aside he has "information" that he won't share...
November 27th, 2013
Maybe they have felt that the killing-blow was a little overkill, which would have sufficed for killing it from the start...
And that it is a little too high classed for them...
"I challenge you of the leadership of this pack... which are we remaining 3... from which you will be expelled with my win..."
couldn't those two just have left?

But I thought this dominant rank/leadership thing for wolf-like creatures would be outdated... after all, wolfs only show this behavior in confinement... I think that came up only during the recent 20 years while wolves became bigger in number in the region around Czech and Germany and studies have been made about that...
Great page, indeed...
Interesting turn^^

Although this makes me wonder, why they prefer to fight griffons as bunnies with spears instead of using a fighter-form... or something that can handle weapons better... or an elictrician that's not as peaceful as monti and transforms into weapons...
@man in black:
Your comments are loosing quality if you make them a mass-product...

Why not describing what you like or what makes the page great instead?
October 29th, 2013
Well, betting on that seems rude to me^^
Also interesting, that everyone knows when he actually made the decision only a few hours ago... Guess his personality is well known then^^
@rmccool: ok^^ to be honest, I think it fits better here then the old one there...
keep up the great work^^
@rmccool: ah... I thought that was a description of the situation/their character...
Can this be fixed?^^ it's kind of irritating to have 2 time the same page^^
Still very nice comic! I'm always waiting for it to update^^
However, is this page not already posted?
September 25th, 2013
@rmccool: Yes, very much^^
Well, it's still a fresh comic, right? so no big fan-community yet... better then having two "first" and tentwy "first page" comments on every update you do^^
One of my favourite out of the 30 comics I read the last few weeks since discovering smackjeeves^^
although probably a lower rank when I add the 49 webcomics from other pages I follow using WebMon...
September 25th, 2013
@Treason: I can only agree with your comment!
in Germany, it's transated to "Plantscher" which is some artificially made noun of the verb "plantschen" which means "to splash" or plash or swash^^

It's also interesting that "Karpador" (Karpfen + Dorsch) or as you may know it as magicarp (magic + carp) does not only know any moves besides splash until lv15 (tackle) but it is also not able to learn any tm/vm until gen 4 where it can learn the fly-type-attack Bounce...

I guess magicarp would have the second highest number in the daycare-center... first is ditto of course... because this game totally shippes prostitution in slavery...
September 25th, 2013
really nice comic so far!
any reasons why you got so little comments for such a nice comic? I like your story and character-build!
please keep up the good work!