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I tend to be somewhat of a lurker. Mostly because I don't comment or post unless I feel that I have something to say, and that it's truly worth saying.
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November 6th, 2017
Maybe someone should try contacting the big man directly?
Still quietly shipping eventual Jiris harder than ever.

Just too damn cute.
@texan1972: I know of one that's lasted 22 years, and is still going.
@namtap032892: Same. I know this is way back in the archive, but that doesn't mean she can't show up again sometime in the future.
I find myself imagining...
That many years later, when Millicent's time has come, she remembers Steve.

She greets him as "Stevie", and goes quietly.
Image missing
This page, along with the ones before and after it, is missing.
Damn you Boss Cass!
@Jim Nickabocker: I suspect that one of the reasons people ship them is because they are innately adorable together, even in a platonic sense.
Not gonna lie
I'm a bit of a John/Iris (Jiris?) shipper too, but they're also great just being BFF's.

Looking forward to the next update. :)
@Gamaran Sepudomyn: Oh, good. Another reason for me to be terrified of spiders: They come equipped with even MORE bugs.
October 14th, 2016
Just a quick poke to check in, make sure everything's alive here (I get uncomfortable when even the comment section becomes inactive on a hiatus-d comic).
Also @diceknight: I find it hilarious that, whilst you speak kind, reassuring, and apologetic words to us, we have Alice glaring at us threateningly from your avatar.
Well gentlemen, it seems we have reached a consensus: A dream sequence, this is.
@ Number 6
I second that!
@Joff: Well now let's be honest here: Steve already had an urge to kill. Sally merely enhanced it.
I'm going to assume you meant schiessbechers, not scheissbechers. 'Cuz I'm pretty sure she's not talking about s**t cups, right?
Nice song reference there: 867-5309
I'm betting at least one of those is from trigger. Not in a romantic sense, but just to be nice. It just seems like something he'd do.

And obviously she won't be throwing THAT one away.
I knew it!
I knew, from the moment I first saw Vengeance, that he was a nice person who everyone is scared of.