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Foxy Grandpa
That's some Catch-22 you got there.
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Eeee, I'm excited for more.
I love how Silvain tries to save his food from Mace, but he gets it anyway.
For Halloween last year I was Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. This year I don't really know who or what I want to dress up as.
I wanted to be funny for once but the good sir was in no mood for my shit I suppose. ;u;
And that's how I felt all day. But, I ended up doing work and watching Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape.
Being sick is not fun. Not having to go to school is nice once in a while, but while you're sick is not.
I just draw these things without editing and thought. So sorry about the bad handwriting. I just really want to finish my homework.
yeah yeah
Foxy Grandpa
September 22nd, 2013
Gosh Quence seems sweet.