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Check out Acid jeans. its one of the few things i'm not working on.
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How do i copyright claim a comic name

Oh sorry, thought this was google.
this has to be the work of an enemy 「stand」
>don't use the arm cannons and do something else.
isn't it supposed to "your base" not
"you'r base" ?
don't use the arm cannon just to spite the annoying alien
@Chaos Master: I know Reboob: that one was the one with the bad cyber shit.
I recall it being not interesting at all.
@bluefiredragon: Really, looks about as good as your profile picture.
try to not act like a spoiled child on Christmas who didn't get what he wanted because the picture isnt perfect.
@bluefiredragon: Oh really.
and this is doing it right?
sure buddy.
what even is this.
what does this mean.
is this from the aliens?
is there any specific reason why panty and stocking's heads are much larger then everyone else's?
@Punchy: look in the background of 3 and 4. i think hes implying that the sky is red over there. but not where he is.
@aqua the hedgie: wait, just how long have you been using this sprite sheet?

well, now that i look at it up close in paint. you might need to fix the shading on all of it. its mostly the shading on the shirt and pants, you seem to be shading with the light source inside of him. I noticed this same problem with Uchi the Ocelot. you might want to establish a light source and attempt to stick with it.

You may want to change those shoes too, its kinda seems kinda lazy when you keep them as sonic's shoes only colored something different.

The Clothes also seem to grow and shrink in size. heres a couple of examples of what i mean.

Now, I sorta prepared a small sprite covering some of the ideas i discussed here. I have not sprited any sonic stuff in awhile, so please excuse any mistakes i may have made.
its 100x in case you want to use it as a starting point. it even has 2 versions of the pants. a version with the pants endings near the socks. and another with pants covering the socks.

Thank you, have a nice day I hope to see an improved version soon.
I'm not saying you should redo everything. but you may want to redo some of the shading on some of these sprites.
the pillow shading is absolutely atrocious.
Hey, unfortunately my computer ended up dying and i ended up losing all the weapons.
now i can either remake them, or make new ones. and I've decided to just make new ones.

check back later this month for some good Christmas weapons! ;)
@noiise: I didn't see your edit when I commented I never said anything about how you couldn't judge it so go ahead and criticise it, I just look past it due to it existing during an awkward time on the internet. Anyway I still don't see the point in adding anime characters to a sprite comment.