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Oh, she's GOOD.
His favorite... Rapidash...
Heh, loving the How the Grinch Stole Christmas reference. :)
@Prior Semblance: ...Oooor, let Thad's guard down so Atty has more time to withdraw Dragonthing and try to make a getaway.
@Avic: My thoughts exactly. Could even be empty.
@Josh Spicer: That's crap that you got brushed off for making a very valid point. I mean, come on...

Thad: Hypothetical question, but if, say, I were to steal another grunt's Pokémon to try and make him do better work, and his response was to steal it back, and I shot him dead because of that, would I be fired?

Rocket admin: Out of a cannon. Into Cinnabar Volcano.

Thad: ...Fuck.
@andwhyisit: Like Thad is gonna shoot Atty. Back in Mt. Moon, maybe, but Atty and Thad are coworkers now, whether they like it or not. Somehow, I doubt the higher-ups approve of grunts killing other grunts.
@Guest: He's only got one thing potentially capable of learning Fly. Two problems- one, it needs to evolve in order to be compatible with the move. And two, it's a little tied up at the moment.
@Danny: Gen I, don't forget. Overheat wasn't a thing, and Charmeleon didn't get Smokescreen back then. That said, if Atty were to send something out to attack... or maybe just RETURN DRAGONTHING TO HER POKé BALL! Seriously! What is stopping him from doing that? Besides the author's storytelling decisions, I mean.
Atty, you imbecile! You got him monologueing! This is the perfect opportunity to withdraw Dragonthing and get the hell outta there!
@Guest: Atty could do exactly that, and the fact that he hasn't yet attempted this makes me want to shout at my computer screen. Or at the very least, maybe subject Thad to Rat's Thunder Shock, or Venus's Stun Spore.

...Atty DID bring his other Pokémon with him, didn't he?
...OK, NOW would be the time, Atty, to take Dragonthing's Poké Ball, and aim it at Dragonthing... C'mon, Atty, be smarter than Ash Ketchum in at least one aspect here...
So at what point does Atty realize all he has to do is return Dragonthing to her Poké Ball? That always irks me about the anime, too, especially when Team Rocket's using something like a cage to keep stolen Pokémon in. Surely the recall beam can fit between the bars? But no, that never occurs to anyone. I think it occurred to a CotD once, who did this to retrieve her Glameow from Team Rocket, but never to anyone else. Ash's Talonflame's about to fall into a volcano? Use its Poké Ball? No, why not just dive into the volcano after it instead! That makes WAY more sense!
Knew the evolution was imminent! I freaking knew it! Awesome update! :)
Just want to say I'm thrilled to see this still getting updated, and I'm looking forward to the next batch of pages. :) I don't mind waiting, it's always been worth the wait so far.
Rapidash? Fearow? I'm thinking we see the head of the Pokémon Fan Club in this chapter.
@Some Guest-type Person: That would be perfect.
Oh, boy. How's Atty gonna get out of this one? Honestly, I could kinda see George coming up with some surprisingly plausible cover story on the fly. I would also consider the possibility of Dragonthing helping him escape, though Charmeleon didn't get Smokescreen in Generation I... Honestly, I really want Atty to get a Weezing. Besides it being my favorite Pokémon, that Smokescreen attack would be pretty helpful for quick getaways.