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Oh brother. Oh man. Oh Rai, run like you've never run before. That thing's got a blade for one hand, so, maybe it can't climb so well?
Panel 6, dude (not "dud," like I accidentally typed before. Stupid Alzheimer's). Rai's expression, body language, that angle, and the coloring. Wow.
Seriously, Rai, head for a crowded area. Preferably one filled with cops.
Oh ho ho, you devil you. What a handsome, and, might I say, suave group of men.
Well done, Hjels, well done.
I agree with that roguish devil in the 3rd panel. None of the cool kids ever reads anything written after 1830. Especially that silly Victorian steampunk stuff.
Why do I think Rai is gonna come blasting through the middle of their table in the next page?
Don't take it personal, nice lady. Cat's from Minnesota. They're like that up there.
"So, Francis. Francis? Were you named after Sinatra? Man, I love Sinatra. 'I did it my waaaayy..' Anyway, Francis, did I tell you that I get to pick the location for the next NATO exercises? Nice open place you have here. Perfect for artillery practice. So, you wanna answer the questions I'm gonna ask?"
You know, when Shields looks at his wrist, and it's red...
...I can't help but be reminded of a certain thing he did back in Iceland.
Wow-look at that face. Cat, being a seething cauldron of hate and bitterness isn't good for your health, or the team.
Then again, it might suit your purpose perfectly.
I really liked this page. Info dump? Yeah, but it was done in such a great way that I enjoyed it. That cinematic change in focus on panels 3 & 4 was a great way to show those two, and what's going on with them.
And panel 6. Man. Cat's grimace with Shield's words. Brutal.
Yeah. It's all monkeys and cupcakes from here on out.
C'mon, Baltimore, you're only human. You messed up. Make it up by being a better parent and person.
I mean, c'mon. It's not like that's one of those "easier said than done" things.
That's the Baltimore we know and avoid pissing off.
Pissed off opponents who have 60 pounds on her are called "appetite whetters."
She'll have this bozo for breakfast.
ROCKIN' page, Hjels. Great actions stuff, man.
Panel 5-looks like someone else has seen "Leon: The Professional."
Good on you, Baltimore. I know a smattering of French, and the gentleman is saying: "She will protect us" in panel 2.
Don't know who she's going up against, but I'm pretty sure they'll be either dead or wishing they were in the next few pages.
Great views, and awesome pacing in this one, Hjels.
A View to a Kill House
Good for you, Shields. Training Rai to maybe survive this thing and help you end it, giving him a chance to atone for what he did, and making him cut that greasy mop.
You're okay in my book, McKloskey.
Of course, he could be training Rai to go in first against Baltimore...
And a time jump? We don't get a cool montage of Shields punishing Rai, set to some 80s hair metal ballad? You're letting a great opportunity pass you by, my friend.
Aw, Shields...
...don't sugar coat it. Give to Rai straight.
Damn. Poor Cat. Guess that bullet was the gift that will never stop giving. Giving pain, that is.
So now what? Is the monster going to come visiting? Will it try to kill Cat in a crowded hospital? If Rai and Cat are on opposite sides of the world, which one will it choose?
The obvious thing for Rai to do is pull an Ansgar and sacrifice himself for Cat's sake.
But I know you better than that, Hjels.
You've got something amazing up your sleeve, and I'm loving every agonizing minute of the ride.
Also, I like how Shields is above Rai in the first exchange, but comes down to his level to deliver the killing blow.
That's the big question, isn't it? How is Cat going to react?
Can Rai even ask for forgiveness?
Thank god she's okay! At least we don't have to worry about that for a while (though you've surprised us in the past, my friend).
Rai? I know you're upset and tired, but don't ever attack the military guy.
You don't need a broken arm to go with all your other troubles.
Heck, Shields probably wouldn't even bother getting it taken care of.
I really loved the way you staged this, Hjels. Those first two panels, with the watch and clocks showing the passing of time, to Rai's close examination of the countertop, to Shield's face in that last panel.
Sometimes we get so caught up in your amazing characters and storytelling that we forget that October 20th is a HORROR comic.
Yow. Massive shock there, pal. And a great dream sequence. I love Rai watching from the picture on the wall.
Welcome Back!
Let me be the first to say :"Welcome back! We missed you!"
Okay, enough of that. Love this page.
What the heck is Baltimore up to? Walking around packing heat like that? Where is she? And who is the guy who wants to get her attention?
And Shields in that third panel-the expression and body language are great. He's tired too. And, I daresay, concerned for Cat's safety. I don't think he's putting on his act here. Nice job humanizing him.
Poor Rai. That last panel is like a stage set. And there he is, all alone, cleaning up the mess he made.
I'm so glad you like it.
This was one of those comics that just hit me. I knew that, no matter if you wanted to publish it or not, I had to draw it.
Y'all stay here, y'hear?
I love how Shields slides back into his Southern accent.
And the "forgiveness versus permission" line is great. He'll cross that bridge, etc. etc.
Rai probably could benefit from a good, long walk. Not off a short pier, but, if there's a barber on the way...
@Jessie : No fair! I called it first!
And that's my cap! Remember, you gave it to me. Back, um, before that thing happened.
Fine. Whatever. I get shotgun.
Are we there yet?