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Reading and drawing comics is so much fun!
@Komics-Maker: Thanks! i will try to find one ;u;
@luuru: Thanks! i'm happy to hear that! i hope you enjoy it! <3
@Spell Checker: Fixed! thanks! :)
@Ninhursag: She's cute and she knows it XD
@Ninhursag: Thank you very much! <3
@Ninhursag: hahaha is totally a grumpy cat XD
@Ninhursag: Thanks!! <3
Hi! sorry for not updating last week, i went to a convention to sell an auto conclusive comic i made, so i didn't have any time to update, but i'm back! so here's todays page :D
And as always Agata has so much fun XD
@crossstitch: let's hope she doesn't suffocates with al the scoffing and huffing XD
@kwippo: Thank you! <3
How could she!?
@Pikarayu: Thanks!! <3 i'm happy you like it so far :D
@Sepiyu: Thank you! i will! <3
@Flora Wolf: Awwww thank you! <3