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Oh, I should probably put something here. It'd be helpful, possibly, if you could get a glimpse into my mind through a small snippet of my own description of myself, but words won't do me any justice. I'm simply beyond words, transcendent of your pitiful mortal mind, and any attempts at describing me will be a dishonor. But I will deign to explain my illustrious self.

And if you're one of those people who absolutely need some form of warning before getting smacked upside the head



You have been warned.
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I think the most salient detail to Louie's personality is defined here: he gets sad and then he gets mad.
Some folks bottle things up and put on a happy face. Others wallow. Others like Louie turn that sorrow into anger in order to get shit done. Sometimes that shit isn't good shit, such as probably half the times Louie's done something he's regretted especially concerning Chip, but it shows clearly how Louie reacts to upheavals in his world.

Long winded comment aside oh my word I love this comic so much I can't even begin to tell you. Re-reading from the beginning so I can catch up on new pages and I'm struck again by how complex and lovable your characters are.
Ladies and gentleman, Hero just went full sociopath.

"Why did you cause me immense amounts of pain?"
"Just felt like it."

But oh god poor RGB. This is why I hate kids...

Great comic, btw!
Another fun fact (I'm full of them and unrepentant)

If the nose is hit at the right angle, it could send bones and cartilage into the brain. Gruesome, messy death, and slightly worse than a bloody nose.

Enjoy yet another tidbit on how Robin could have killed yet another person directly. (As opposed to the many she just indirectly killed by plowing them with a flaming boat.)
Fun fact: as soon as you are unconscious, you begin automatically breathing.

Meaning, if an unconscious person goes underwater, they start to drown. Immediately.

Food for thought.
October 16th, 2013
I go back and forth between being able to stand the art style and wanting to step away. It's not bad, per se, it's just seems a little unfinished. Like the person above me said, some details like impact lines would add to the dynamic feel of this. (Like with the chest kick Bill delivers)
It's all very hard to follow, as well, what's going on at all times due to the lack of background and the fact that the whole time I keep having difficulty with Tony's eyes. Are her eyes open, closed, or what? Forgive my stupidity and bluntness.
I've been reading this webcomic for a while now, and I notice something.
Tony/Annie/Toni has gotten beaten down more times than anyone I know. She's absurdly intelligent, so much so that she reduces everyone to blithering idiots, astounded by the sheer magnitude of her intellect. Several of her friends are compassionate to an unnatural degree -- then again, I may be jaded on this point.
She's the only character who seems to have any sort of depth, and even then, it seems a little contrived. For example, it felt incredibly cheesy and corny that she began to accept herself after a hallucination induced by a near-death experience.
Also, the brother. Bill. He's such an incredibly blatant 'straw man' complete with the whole spiel of trying to 'fix' his 'brother'.
Your treatment of side characters is that they have one purpose and that is to show just how amazing Annie is.
And dang it, I still don't know whether to call her Annie, Tony, or Toni, though I figured for a while that it'd either stay at Toni or Annie.
Man, this is a helluva long post. But it's not all negative, I swear.
This webcomic is one of my favorites because it doesn't treat transexuality as some joke, a plot device, or otherwise marginalize it.
It's realistic (with obvious exceptions allowing for plot and character development)
And Annie/Toni/Tony, despite my utter dismay and confusion at the name issue, is a very well-rounded character. I actually like her a lot more than I thought I would.
All in all, thank you so much for this webcomic and don't stop until the ride's over.
Uh oh, incurable cough of death has begun.
Welp, it was nice knowin' ya.
I had a horrible sinking feeling that Kenny was going to snap Puff's neck or something.
Glad to find I was wrong.
It seems to me that he says more when he is silent than when he actually talks. :) Just started reading this and I love it already.