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@Nashew: He's dead. Definitely dead. Yep. 100% totally dead no other explanation.
Okay, so there's... AKK, possibly a Planet Robobot reference, and uh, maybe Kirby's Dreamland Adventure but I'm not sure whether I'm right.
That steam looks entirely too suggestive.
@Extremmefan: Ah, Goldberg. Or Goldburg. "The days of my youth... like the scent of fresh lemon..." You see...
Not enough typoes. And the quality's too high.
I could probably try to do multiplayer, since I always did want to. Only problem is setup, since I'm not very good at it.
I've beaten Fishron. Started a magic-only run, which got to before Hardmode. Success probably due to experience.
I wish I had a good computer so that I could play online. D:
Isn't that that Mass Attack fishing rod? And where's the string/hook?
How does one become a part-time minor?
Oh no personality reassimilation! Kirby's turned into the Borg of his clones!
@qazox: No, see they're talking about Mario.
EDIT: Poor Morph.
@Kirbymaster: Of course it's not. The spike things are cylindrical, his belly and eyes are green, and he's lacking the gear motif. However, nobody cares whether it's actually him since it's too similar.
Why is G not red? Also, they probably just sleep on the floor fine, since beds are only needed for healing and everything's probably about the same level of comfort given that they just lie down flat on the sleeping surface.
Well that's a thing. Also why do those calls use up SP?
@SSBFreak: And all the hints point to it as I said on the last page, but it would be a bit too obvious and anticlimactic if it was true.
Gee, I wonder. "Orange and green", a "desert", "the Olympics", "Soccer, tennis, or golf", and a castle/princess. HMMMM I WONDER IF IT IS DAISY...