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Thank you all for being so supportive! I might try to finish this comic so I don't abandon another comic.
Ok I'm gonna keep this as brief as I can.

Alot happened this summer (I moved out of my old place and got a new one and to be honest I should've moved out of my old room for reasons I don't feel like getting into, I'm just gonna say I had a bitch of a roommate and now I got a nicer one) and I went through hating myself for not getting a new roommate but now I've learned another life lesson and have gone on with my life and I'm fine now.

This Fall was another roller coaster of bullshit involving my teacher acting like the most difficult person in the universe. Fortunately in the end, she got a little less bitchy and more helpful.

School is beginning to see an end for me. I'm planning to graduate Spring 2016 (or adleast I hope so I've been here since 2011.) So my workload is not gonna let up and again I'm going to be concentrating on personal work rather than fanarts and other things.

Which brings us to this comic. I'm not gonna hold back my own opinions, I'm sort of embarrassed about this comic. I dunno what it is but again I went through a time where I hated myself (even to the point of experiencing depression, which I NEVER want to feel again) and I've gotten separated with AH/RT things that for a while. I wasn't interested in them. It doesn't help that I'm officially uninterested in Homestuck now, which the comic is named after. My comment about Homestuck: "Should've ended at Cascade and personally the ending is gonna build up to nothing special." There, cut and print. Don't get me wrong, I love the concepts of it, it's just the current bullshit that I'm done with.

Back to the AH/RT thing: so I had to fast myself away from them because I do that to alot of stuff I watch. Recently I've been getting back into the groove of watching AH/RT stuff again and I feel like I can maybe speed through this comic and finish it. I don't know what it is but I lost interest in this comic, thinking it was a dumb idea. I've repeatedly tried to hold a webcomic and I can't. I just can't....I don't have the drive to write dialogue, draw it and proof read it.

If you didn't read all of that then just listen: The comic is going to come back at the end of January but I'm not gonna be updating multiple pages. Yes the format of the comic is going to change because again I'm just speeding through this to get it over with. I'm not driven with this idea so I'm not going to have a steady update schedule either. Like it might be a few pages a MONTH. Don't expect VG Cats leveled updating/interest but I'll be a step up from him. (Not meaning to offending the guy)

I don't know the fate of this comic but it'll be a miracle if I even finish this thing.
I hope so too. I really don't want to abandon this webcomic. I've abandoned so many projects in my life that I feel so sorry for those who want me to continue stuff. I hate how I just lose interest in certain things, it's such a hindrance.

I'm gonna re-pick this up next year in January (I plan on doing so.) The reason I'm taking a break is because I'd have a new vision for the comic (Yes another style change might be occur when I get off of hiatus, probably a big one) The more I'm thinking about the comic, the more I'm straying away from the homestuck-like style because, in reality, its not hard to imagine a minecraft oriented comic. How the inventory and general rules of minecraft doesn't really need long explanations if you've played the game. The only Homestuck thing in this comic is the God-Tier classes and that's it.

Sorry about the rambling! I'll probably make another update page on what's going to happen to the comic gonna be in the future at this point and why I need to take a big break from this.
@Jamie: Hold up let me un-private that video.
Ok let me explain this.

I'm in college to be a computer animator. That can range from doing graphics for commercials to directly working with an animation crew for a television show.

I'm a Junior now, I'm about to go into my 4th year of college (jesus I'm old...) and I don't have any personal animations other than my "[S] AchievementHunter: Enter" thing I did while not even familiar with Adobe After Effects and amateur Maya animations . That's really not a good position for me to be in when I'm about to be officially a Senior for Computer Animation.

What does all this mean?

It means that I'm gonna put the series on hiatus for the rest of the summer (hell maybe some of the Fall too) so I can work on personal animation that could get me looked at as an art director or something that can catapult me into a career. I must have small movies that I've worked on to show people in companies or advertisement agencies if I wanna pursue my dream to be an animator. I need to build a portfolio that maybe I can be considered to have a job in my profession.

I'll update here and there but they won't be constant like usual, it'll be rare. It takes ALOT OF TIME AND WORK. (If you don't think webcomics don't need a lot of work, then you've never tried having one.) I can't juggle my webcomic and working on personal animations at the same time.

I'm not abandoning this, I'm putting this on the side for now.

Hope you all understand and I'll be on my regular blog: (warning it's NSFW)
Anton: Hmph....
@Guest: Don't worry, you're not ignorant!

No. These are new people. They played the second part of Minecraft sometime before the AH crew arrived inside the game.

The Grey Planet people lost the game and now they're waiting for the AH crew to finish because they were chosen to finish a session so that the Gray Planet peeps would get a second chance at the game.
Robin: Anthony.
Anton: BB.
Anton: What you want?
Robin: Will you please stop using my real name?
Robin: You know what I prefer to be called.
Anton: I dunno Roxanne....
Anton: When you stop being a smartass and stop calling me “Anthony”, MAYBE I’ll stop.
Robin: Look, I’m just here to copy/paste a message from Eldritch.
Anton: You mean Dustin?
Anton: You do know that’s his real name right?
Anton: Jeez, Rox Box...the man helps you despite your chronic bitchyness and you can’t even muster up to remember his name?
Robin: No.
Robin: I mean he did help me get to that giant floating rock that was supposed to help us.
Robin: Eldritch, or Dustin, said that my aspect was the key to pulling off this glitch.
Robin: Now that I think about it, I think Dustin might have tried to kill me!
Robin: He probably set me up going to that weird place in the middle of nowhere to get killed!
Robin: Dustin told me that he was going to talk to Ivan before everything went to shit.
Robin: That pot headed bastard...
Anton: Dustin doesn’t smoke.
Robin: He could’ve fooled me since he sounds like one.
Robin: Anyway, I could’ve figured out what to do when I got to that floating rock.
Robin: Too bad our beloved teammate, Ivan, saw me and decided to slash my chest open with his sword!
Robin: It was painful as hell! It wasn’t the typical pinching feeling when someone gets hit by something.
Anton: Ouch.
Anton: Thought I had the most gruesome death....
Robin: What did Ivan do to you?
Anton: Ughhh....
Anton: I thought we agreed to not ask me that.
Anton: I already feel sick thinking about it.
Robin: I know. I also know why you don’t want to talk about it.
Robin: Your fear of blood is still apparent.
Anton: Yeah NO SHIT Sherlock.
Anton: What else comes out of a person’s chest? KETCHUP?
Robin: Its a shame that everyone else thinks that you’re too egotistical to admit how hard karma made you pay for messing with Ivan.
Robin: Well....I should say that your ego is part of it.
Anton: BUT NO.
Robin: Ughh...
Robin: I’ve heard this stupid argument from both you morons for weeks!
Robin: And I am not going to get into this idiotic predicament with you again on this gray rock!
Robin: Just drop it!
Anton: BUT IT-
Robin: JUST!
Robin: DROP!
Robin: IT!
Anton: Tell Ivan that.
Robin: I did but he hasn’t answered back.
Robin: Probably because he’s moping around because Ivan knows that he literally fucked us all up!
Robin: Its all his fault!
Robin: All because he couldn’t stop acting like a weeping teenager, we’re stuck here!
Anton: Yeah can’t argue with ya there.
Anton: I know Ivan’s a desperate guy but I didn’t know he’d be stupid enough to listen to a dragon whose main goal is to kill us.
Robin: Oh really Anton?~
Robin: Fusing an Ender Eye to your forehead and letting the EnderDragon control you into “winning” isn’t stupid in your books?
Robin: Because it’s pretty fucking dumb in mine.
Anton: It was a mistake!
Anton: I wasn’t thinking straight!
Robin: ~snort~
Anton: WOW.
Anton: Nice time busting out the horrible puns!
Anton: Hate you sometimes.
Robin: Alot of people do.
Robin: That’s the burden I take for having more common sense than most people~
Anton: I’m leaving.
Robin: Later~
Anton: Wait, did you want to give me something?
Robin: Yes.
Anton: And you where going to let me leave without telling me?!
Robin: Don’t get mad at me.
Robin: I told you I was gonna give you something and you decided to babble about some other stuff.
Anton: GOD you’re such a bitch...
Robin: It rubs off, doesn’t it?

Hey Robin.

Look I know you don’t like talking to anyone but I finally got power on this planet! You can use our computers now because they have internet! So....yeah...If you could pass on this message to Anton and Ivan, that would be good.

I don’t like dealing with Anton, I mean you’re like the only one who can talk to him. I don’t know where Ivan is, he doesn’t have a computer so...whenever you see him just pass on the message...

Hey Robin.

Look I know you don’t like talking to anyone but I finally got power on this planet! You can use our computers now because they have internet! So....yeah...If you could pass on this message to Anton and Ivan, that would be good.

I don’t like dealing with Anton, I mean you’re like the only one who can talk to him. I don’t know where Ivan is, he doesn’t have a computer so...whenever you see him just pass on the message...

Julia: [Whatever, forget about him. He’s on the opposite side of this planet now so he can’t bother us now.]
Julia: [What about our “successors”?]
Julia: [Who do you think they are?]
Julia: [I’m not allowed to say who they are....]
Eldritch: Why?
Julia: [No spoiling~]
Eldritch: Hmm...Not really sure but I have faith in them.
Eldritch: I think I had the chance to choose who would be our “successors” but I dunno if the people I chose registered.
Eldritch: I think Minecraft chooses who will be next to play.
Eldritch: To be honest, I don’t know the aftermath of losing to this game.
Eldritch: It seems like we have to wait for the next group of people to finish playing before we get a second chance.
Eldritch: IF we get a second chance.
Julia: [Seems like it!]
Eldritch: Ugh! If you know what’s going on then tell me!
Julia: [I can’t~]
Eldritch: Our whole “team” is on this fucking gray rock, and I can’t know anything?!
Julia: [Don’t worry Eldritch, you’ll figure out what’s going on eventually.]
Eldritch: Guh...Fine.
Eldritch: Hey I got a request.
Julia: [What?]
Eldritch: Can you stop calling me Eldritch?
Eldritch: I feel like I’m constantly being reminded of my high school hacker days.
Julia: [Um sure.]
Julia: [What do you want to be called?]
Eldritch: Just call me Dustin.
Julia: [When I went God Tier, I had a choice.]
Julia: [I was still rattled up thanks to Anton.]
Julia: [The two timelines split off from there.
Julia: [I decided to go away to cool off.]
Julia: [From there I had a vision that I have to maintain time for other timelines, not interfere with MY timeline.]
Julia: [Things have to happen because...shit happens...]
Julia: [No matter how horrible it is. It’s a part of life.]
Julia: [The other Julia is from the other timeline. She tried to move time out of her own will.]
Julia: [And it became a “doomed timeline”.]
Eldritch: Doomed timeline?
Julia: [Its when an alternate timeline is....basically when everything screws up and people start dying.]
Julia: [Things get crazy.]
Julia: [Like the other Julia.]
Julia: [She’s the one who sort of zapped her way to this timeline kicked the shit out of Anton out of revenge...]
Eldritch: That’s the best revenge story I’ve heard in my life.
Eldritch: I forget if I saw it but I definitely remember Robin being freaked out about what happened.
Julia: [As much as I don’t like conflict, he had it coming!]
Julia: [Though I’m still trying to explain to him that “I” wasn’t the one who beat him up!]
Eldritch: Yeah good luck with that.
Eldritch: You know how Anton can get butthurt about certain things.
Julia: [Uggh....]
Eldritch: You can call me by my real name if you want.
Julia: [I can?]
Julia: [Heh...I don’t know what your real name is.]
Eldritch: You don’t?!
Julia: [N-No....Sorry...]
Julia: [I’m the Julia that didn’t go ballistic and crazy with revenge.]
Julia: [I’m the Julia who disappeared in the middle of the year.....]
Eldritch: Oh yeah. You talked to me about your “alternate selves”.
Eldritch: Since you’re a “God of Time” was it?
Julia: [Muse, Eldritch, Muse...]
Julia: [And yes I did manage to contact you telling you that I was going away and not coming back for the rest of our session.]
Eldritch: Why did you run off?
Eldritch: We SORT OF needed you!
Eldritch: With the world breaking off and imploding on itself into its void core and all.
Eldritch: And everyone pretty much acting crazy and stuff...
Julia: [Look! All of that was supposed to happen. ]
Julia: [I can’t stop that.]
Julia: [Yes, I’m a somewhat powerful time player, but if I tried to alternate time too much, it would affect something else. It’s like a ripple effect...]
Julia: [Bending time is very difficult to master.]
Julia: I can’t really control time anyway. In a sense, I’m a monitor of it.]
Julia: [Plus I saw what would happen if I did something.]
Eldritch: You did?
Julia: [Yeah. See, that’s what I was talking about when my alternate crazy self.]
Julia: [Maybe it won’t be one hundred percent, completely boring here for you guys!]
Julia: [I forgot how good you are as a technician and at computers Eldritch.]
Julia: [Lugging those computers all the way up here was a bit of a pain...]
Julia: [Especially when you didn’t even help me...]
Eldritch: I helped with both the towers I needed!
Eldritch: Besides, I needed to boot them up and see if there was any power on this planet.
Julia: [I was almost caught by the guy downstairs.]
Eldritch: Who’s downstairs?
Julia: [I can’t spoil it.]
Eldritch: Why?
Julia: [I’m being super careful not to mess up anything in the timeline.]
Julia: [Also I’m not 100% sure who it is.... ]
Julia: [You didn’t go down to the bottom floor?]
Eldritch: No I didn’t go into my room.
Eldritch: As soon as I woke up on this planet, Robin immediately messages me, demanding that I fix our problem! So I marched up to the roof, set up the computers, trying to get the best reception, and not even looking in my room yet.
Eldritch: I think she’s still cranky about what happened to us.
Julia: [Yeah...she was always a cranky individual when things didn’t go her way....]
Eldritch: So me, starting to realize I’m too nice to people, tries to see if we can fix our problem.
Julia: [And?]
Eldritch: Like I said, we have power but we can probably communicate with them!
Eldritch: Like give them advice and-
Julia: [I wouldn’t go overboard with that...]
Julia: [You know how this game treats cheaters.]
Julia: [AKA the reason why where on this planet!]
Eldritch: Its not cheating, it’s helping.
Eldritch: And it wasn’t my fault!
Julia: [Ok now you’re starting to sound like Robin...]
Julia: [Eldritch, as much as I want to get off this planet as everyone else, we have to be patient and see what happens next...]
Eldritch: Can’t I send a message or something?
Julia: [Well yeah.]
Julia: [But like, don’t give away super important information that the player has to find out on his own.]
Eldritch: I won’t. I won’t.
Eldritch: I’ll send one later.
Eldritch: Also...
EldritchDinosaur: Julia look! We still have power on this planet!
EldritchDinosaur: Might have taken an hour or so to find this out but hey better than nothing.
Geoff: tada!
Ryan: Well you're right about the book being in Swedish.
Ryan: Also holding the book sideways isn't helping the "look at the pictures" situation.
Geoff: whatever, you got eyes.
Geoff: use them.
Jack: Well the pictures do look neaT.
Jack: Like we could probably remake achievement citY?
Geoff: yep!
Geoff: plus since its just not me and gavin, you all can help.
Geoff: all of you will help because i'm still your boss.
Geoff: if you don't i'll personally make a dildo out of rough sandpaper and shove it up your ass.
Jack: JESUS!
Ryan: W-WHAT?
Geoff: glad to know that we're all on the same page!
Geoff: i'll plan it out with gavin later since we've got nothing else to do for now.
Geoff: what's up ladies?
Ryan: You missed Jack making a solid gold tablet from my golden shovel.
Ryan: He then turned it into a cheap looking headset.
Geoff: wow that's super interesting but i just got a neat ass pamphlet from this random little villager guy.
Ryan: How the hell is that more interesting than making a shovel and a helmet to a tablet and then a fucking headset?!
Geoff: weeeeeeelllll....
Geoff: .........
Geoff: ......