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Hey peeps! I'm a vertically challenged red head, and I've been going by vampire cheetah since my first stumblings on the web. Please feel free to call me Vampy, Alli, or Alley Cat. Or call me anything, I almost always respond :)

I am a lover of both western and eastern comics--so feel free to point me in the direction of anything you guys think may be a neat read.

I am also a fan of yuri. Or to be as obvious as possible, lesbian comics. So, you know any good ones, send them my way :)

Misc stuff includes a love for cats and My Little Pony. I'm currently attending my community college and as of May 1st 2009 will graduate with an AFA with honors. I do plan to persue a career in comics (preferably as an inker), so my works here are definitely learning venues for me. Please feel free to give advice and suggestions on any technical aspects such as paneling, texting, and so forth.

Feel free to ask me any questions :)
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    Allison "Alley Cat" Mohler
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I was waiting for Amber to possibly drop that Rebecca was asexual or possibly demisexual. Regardless, go Becca for that response~
That is a rather nice hand, heh heh
wonky or not, it's still really cool to see it happening. Especially now that we can actually read what he's saying now
yay for trans characters! as if Marisol wasn't amazing enough~
"awww you know you'll miss Mr. Popularity XD"

I'd miss him about as much as I'd miss the common cold, lol :p
It's good to be reading this again. I'm sure we'll see Ben again, but I'm not sad he's walked out, lol.
aaa I'm finally caught up! yeah!
I'm rereading pages [because my feed reader remained dormant for like 2 years and trying to play catchup] and you did such a great job making Ben kind of more despicable than a lot of the other villains here, lol.
I can teach you but I'd have to charge? XD Oh god that portrait XD The sparkle just makes it.
Oh my...! You're Steiner XD Vervain, you are epic, as always <3
November 3rd, 2012
Your art has so stepped up a notch for this, everything is stunning <3
lol you have no idea how epicly lolzy this comic is, and it makes me so happy.
Jesus Ben, even I was about ready to find Gail's bat if he was about to cross that line...
Kit's a good name. Feels right X3
OMG...laughed SO hard!
>< Feel so bad for throwing up another filler. But this page required a lot of background drawings in perspective, which is tedious. On top of that I ended up working twice as much this week than what I was originally scheduled.

I could have easily scrapped the thumb for this page and threw together something easier that would have come together faster. The truth is I purposely designed this chapter to incorporate more backgrounds and more perspective puzzles---I can only improve as an artist by doing. It may take me longer to finish pages because of this, but they are like small victories. Eventually they will become easier to draw and faster.
For as simple as this page seems, it sure took a lot of effort...
Sorry about the filler guys, but there's a very good reason! I purchased a new computer, which came along with a new screen and OS I wasn't used to. So, I've spent this week mostly tinkering with resolutions and my tablet to get them at settings I'm happy with. I think I've finally hit a happy "medium" ground, and at this point I simply need to get used to it. I've already got next page drawn, and it should be back on track for next Friday/Sat. Thanks for understanding <3
Hmm, curiouser and curiouser X3
An update! Keep going *waves pom pom*