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Look at RGB's face in the 4th panel! He's so happy and touched that someone actually believes in him! But also really sad and a little scared about what's to come and whether he can live up to those expectations...

It's really fun to go back and take a closer look at all of RGB's emotions and foreshadowed clues!
Based on some clues we got from the previous pages, I get the feeling that butterfly is either Hate, or some entity that works with Hate. Examples:

- TOby's "She tore me into twenty pieces and stitched me back together" may have been done with the 'butterfly scissors' shown a few pages back

- It's no secret that Hate and RGB are on opposing ends, and the butterfly seems very intent on painting RGB in a bad light while making itself look like a helpful guide.

- The entire "why am I here" conversation back at Suture that occurred right after Hero spoke to the butterfly and the follow-up "I HATE you!" that happened afterwards.

- This one's mostly speculation, but after rereading this page, I think the butterfly is somehow responsible/had something to do with Negative!RGB's appearance. After all, after witnessing that, it effectively gave Hero a strong reason to distrust and fear RGB, no matter what he says to them. Also, the eye on RGB and the eyes on the butterfly's wings in these panels bare a very strong resemblance. According to Mod's tumblr as well, RGB has no knowledge of Negative!RGB and only seems to appear when he 'dies', which sounds like he either has another personality that he doesn't know about or it's the work of an outside influence.
Fear of Water...?
Rereading this, I don't think water by itself is what RGB's afraid of, but rather, what happens to him when he's exposed to it?
I think you made a typo in the second to last panel where they say "We SHOULDN'T have run". Did Georgia and the smeargle flee from the scene?
Happy Halloween!
Except not really because Halloween was yesterday!
Anywho, regular updates will start again next week. Until then, I hope you're stuffing your faces with candy because I'm trying to stay on a diet >:T
Mmkay, so Halloween's coming up...but I couldn't think of a good holiday comic so this and the next update will feature reference pages for Zeno and Kori!

I know, it's kinda lame, but I can't go about not updating for 2 whole weeks...that'd be even worse :T
This'll be a running theme and I'll be uploading more reference pages as we meet more characters along the way.
Can you guess what game he's playing? :D
Taking suggestions for their title and names.
Neorangers? Fusion Fighters? Merging Munchkins?
Bahahaha, I had way too much fun drawing this :'D

NOTE: Updates will resume next week. Sorry!
Phew, it's getting pretty intense.
Little N has grown so mature these past few pages, he can even stand up to Nina without flinching :>! It feels strangely satisfying to see N win an argument for once, even if it ended up making Nina cry.

Man, this page is so well written, like Master_72 says, I think it's the most spot-on depiction of N I've seen yet! I can tell you've put in a lot of thought into this run and as a fan, I appreciate that greatly ;u;
VIP only, pal
Why is this fountain even public in the first place?
September 24th, 2013
More like litter-bobbing...
You can have your disease pool of apples, thanks.
September 24th, 2013
Can I have mine scrambled?
Don't ask him how he even managed to make it into an omelette.
His heart won't be able to take it.
September 24th, 2013
You sure showed him!
Note: Zeno is pronounced "Zee-no"

Woo, first page of my Neopian Times comic: Two Cents!
All of these strips will eventually be found in the neopet web-newspaper: The Neopian Times, but here at smackjeeves, it'll always be one strip ahead.
Hope you enjoy c: