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I'm a college student who for lack of better word fails at just that. I spend way to much time on the internet and as we speak it is way to late for me to be awake. I Don't really know what else to say I'm fairly nice actually so drop me a line if you ever want to talk.
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It says thank you not "OMFG IM THE COOLEST PERSON EVER!" >_> How is a thank you bragging I don't get it...
I like my fans cause they be rad, this is Anne she's the main character in my up coming comic WHOOO. I are lame read the up date silly faces =D.
True story that will be told in a few parts, so you must wait MUAHAHAHA. =B
Yeah, I sorta dropped the ball guys, yeah see I found my Pokemon Diamond again and well one thing led to another and... We kinda slept together. Look I don't want you to make this about you, I still want to be with you come on don't be like that think of the good times. Anyway I need to write more comics as well as I'm thinking of starting up my main comic idea. Expect a comic Saturday kay?
Ha thanks XD.
Dark side is looking good =B.

Anyway I found the comic MUAHAHAHA turns out I forgot to do text with line art so it looks like crap, I was going to type it but it just didn't feel right man. Anywho I have a kittie in my lap you may all be jealous now. =3
Ok funny story, I have a horrible habbit of drawing things and not remembering what I named them or where I saved them... That being said I kinda... Lost... todays update XD. I'm still looking for it but chances are by the time I find it and finish it, it will be to late so I may have to update Sunday. But for being late I drew a stuffed animal Monster and some random bee I thought he looked cool. WOOO
OMG I updated, I set a date to up date and I did it. If any of you knew what a step this is for me your would buy me a puppy! I jest but anywho I have to say this isn't one of my fav comics. I like the message but the characters bother me... OH well what ever enjoy!
Ha this made my day XD.
Hmm, Seems like something I would do bees scare me.
Cause of this comic I had to play EBA, the game teaches valuable lessons like that people can be brought back from the dead, THROUGH DANCE. Also I love your drawings style.
I always like how you draw link.
5 times in the last 40 minutes as a matter of fact, funny stuff.
Lines are a little different in this one, I'm still messing with stuff tell me which one you like more. I need to get a good night sleep for once stupid sleep waste of my time I like it once I'm asleep but the whole adding up to it thing is just bah. Oh well enjoy.
Ah yes Barnabe, don't let the fanciness fool you he's rather rude. Anyway I'm planing on starting updating Saturdays and Wednesdays for your viewing pleasure. There really is no set story line here maybe on going stories here and there but for the most part it's just going to be my take on common topics. That being said, If you want to hear my take on a topic or want advice on a topic through my comic then go ahead and send me a message. Also for my two fans and the three people who comment you guys rock, for real I didn't expect anyone to like the comic what so ever XD.
Bah, rush job on the whole layout and such, I plan to fix it tomorrow for sure, I'm tired right now.
The look on the little kids face is priceless.
LOL, If that was me, even if it was scary, the "Mission Impossible" theme would be playing over and over in my head.
=O I wanna know how it ends!