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Star Noble
Rebecca is an easily distracted youth. She enjoys being lazy and sometimes she doesn't move for hours and hours and her family says, "Hey didn't we have one more person living in this house?" and then they find her and tell her to be productive and they proceed to eat dinner and they all go to bed . . . yup, that about sums it up.
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Haha! I'm glad they found out in the least painful way possible
Oh hello face. How are you?
Wait...whaaat??? That shadow person isn't Toby! They have a hood on. Is it Rumple begin beat up?! Is he okay??? AAHHAGH!!
@HANA: I think it was his gun, not his arm
Oh he meant his dad owned the cuiburns. Not the cuiburns are all his dad. Punctuation is very important.
Where has this been all my life?!
I just binge read your wonderful comic and I can't wait for what's to come!! Definitely putting it on my weekly updates <3
Keep up your amazing work! I love your style and as strange as it sounds, it's kinda inspiring (>//<)
Shoe-knives?! Take my money!
Wait, what did he do exactly to deserve a shoe-knife to the head?