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A friendly artist who's trying to find the joy of just doing art for fun again. {Update Later}
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November 15th, 2015
Is it an environmental factor why everyone has monochrome hair or is that just a style choice? :O

Overall this looks really great! I really love the layout for your page too, and each page is beautiful. ;.; So much effort into the colors amg. I look forward to more!
November 15th, 2015
@Nueance: Injured hand and half blind??? omg are you alright? (IT looks great btw shh shh)
Hooded figure is gonna tell or set Annaup somehow I just know it. Or weasel her way in.
Pretty Pretty haor shinnne
*Hugsss* YOU HAVE SUCH BAD LUCK TOO D: I hope you finally get to feeling better soon! I love seeing the updates but please please don't push too hard!
This page is beautiful, but I'm sorry to hear you're having it rough still ><
@man in black: That was my comment, exactly. LOL
@Shishi Beru: UHH this is scenery and art and amazingness O_O These are really good!!
@Shishi Beru: I do I do ;w;
Just signed up so I could be supportive of people's comics until I can crack down and upload one of my own~
I'm so eager to see thissss the animations were gorgeous so I can't wait to see the plot 8D
omg I am so far behind wtf man what happened to Nov-Jan?! LMAO

And @amiko_16 no worries about the mix up with the name and all :'D Hope you reconnect with your bud sometime if that's what you want. *reeeeeeeeads*
Honestly I have never really read BL stuff, not for any bias or anything just... most of it didn't have an interesting plot from what I read. It was /too/ out there. But this... this is gold. I'm a sucker for loveable idiots LMAO
Whoa I saw this on the front page :D NICE TO SEE YOU'RE WORKING ON THIS!! <3
This is a gorgeous page hun ;w; And awww good guy trying to talk her down. I love seeing people who give a crap about strangers.
I love how vibrant this page is!
Ahh Nostalgia
Reminds me of my frenemy from elementary-middle school, before I finally was like "NOPE." Sucked not being able to hang out with my bestie as often because she wouldn't tell the girl no too. Seems like everyone's had that time they attempted to friend someone like this and regretted it. :I
Rhyett's so surprised back there LMAO
She's like "Shit someone's getting hit and it's not even me hitting this time!"

Thanks for the cameo XD
And curious to see what Zoe is so upset about ~
RE: Amiko: Lol, probably not since I'm not sure what EOB stands for. XD! I just randomly found your comic and read forever. ^_^b
OH~ I really love the soft lighting/coloring on this page!
I... I caught up in one reading.... ._.