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Cockroach is God
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August 18th, 2007
this board is a little empty ._.
but it is because I had forgotten boxes on the other
I would apply better to next n_n
August 16th, 2007
it is rather hard to begin my boards because my style of drawing does not stop evolving :/
I think of putting a board per day now
But you do not astonish if the style of drawing is not especially the same one as that of the beginning

afflicted for the delay ( I am lazy ) and thank you for the encouragements
August 16th, 2007
Thanks =3
he has airs of abandoned dog =/
I am glad to have finally the time to make this

English and me that made three
then if there will be some faults in my boards please announce it to me that would be nice

Thank you to have passed by here
watercolour and Indian ink ?
Fufu it's pretty *_*
sssoooo cuuuttyyy !
I have the same dress it's funny ^___^