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Old guy, brown hair blue eyes grey beard, gamer (board ,computer, and console,)SF/fantasy/mystery fan. I learned to read by reading comic books when I was five so I love all comics. I'm a miniaturist sculptor, although I rarely sculpt anymore (eyes), and never achieved notice outside a fairly small circle of customers. I currently make my living selling other people's artwork.
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    Duane Rice
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I've never stopped voting. :)

It's good to have you back. Any updates on how things are going for you?
Sandy takes no guff from squirrels. ^^
September 7th, 2017
"Whom are you going to believe, dear, me, or your lying eyes?"
August 30th, 2017

When something seems to good to be true.....
August 30th, 2017
"Take one sleeping man.
Add equal parts homesickness,loneliness anger, resentment, and guilt.
Shake vigorously to the point of confusion.
Marinate in self-pity, and wait for the point of maximum vulnerability."
August 23rd, 2017
Curses! Foiled again!
August 16th, 2017
Pascal can't make a bridge. but perhaps another "water" snake is within his power?
You're so cute when you're making a forceful point. <3 ^^

So you're planning to eventually reboot the story, making the changes that will make it the story you now want to tell?

Good, that is far better than (as I have seen far too many comic creators do) just dropping everything and walking away forever. I have read/am reading several reboots and enjoyed/am enjoying them, so go for it. :)

Here are a some points to consider as you work: We do not see what you envisioned, we only see what you have done, and suffer no lack from that. I LIKED the story you were doing. :)

Also, although you do beautiful, far above average work, you, personally, will never be satisfied with it, because you are an artist, and that is the artist's curse and goad, driving you to improve. Here's the key. If we readers like it, stop redrawing it and make the improvements on the next panel. We want to read, not wait for perfection. :)

You are a natural storyteller. It may not have been exactly the story you were trying to tell, but it was good, and that is the most important part.

You also make us care about the characters. You'll know you're succeeding when people forget that it's a story, and start thinking of the characters as real people. ^^

*Blush* End if sermon. Keep me informed because I want to see where you go next. ^^
August 9th, 2017
Conan can say so much with just a simple glare. ^^
August 2nd, 2017
Conan seems to be harking back to when he stopped Pascal with a command.

Sometimes a non-answer IS an answer. Slippery things, answers.....
July 27th, 2017
When is an answer not an answer? When it's misleading.

There is more than one definition of the word "home",here.
July 19th, 2017
"...northern path around the sea..." Have the inhabitants no ships? Galleys? Fishing boats? ......canoes? O.o

Re: Alt text: Wouldn't that category fill the whole board (and the Double Jeopardy board, as well)? ^^
July 12th, 2017
Oooh, oooh, I'll bet it's a long-buried memory whose revealment will suddenly make sense of all the murky and half-understood hints that have been dropping.....

Oh,wait, that's the only reason to HAVE a memory like that isn't it. ><

Checkhov's memory lapse. ^^
July 5th, 2017
Conan is still under the protection of this land's daemons, and now he has introduced a whole new set. MMA daemon smackdown? ^^
June 28th, 2017
"Where's the amulet? Didn't you pack it?"

I gave it to YOU, it was YOUR responsibility."

"Rats. ><"
June 22nd, 2017
And thousands of bottom-dwelling sea creatures explode as they are rudely yanked from the depths, and exposed to mere air pressure. O.o

He obviously didn't file an Environmental Impact Statement. ^^
June 14th, 2017
"Commence primary ignition!"

Re; Alt text: I found that if you use slabs for the roadbed, the bridge looks cooler. :) Um, does that mean that Din's bridge is also going to hang unsupported in midair? O.o
June 7th, 2017
Moses in reverse? (see Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments") ^^

Can they make the crossing in one day, or will they have to sleep on the bridge/walk in the dark?
May 31st, 2017
Wow, a REAL water snake. O.o

Now I'm wondering if Din is going to create a ship made of water, or force the associated daemons to drag some luckless craft to the cove where they are.

Either of those choices would tickle me like a feather shirt. ^^
Um, I went to your FB page, and tried to "follow" you, but I can't tell if I followed, unfollowed, or did nothing--I don't Facebook too good. :(