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Hey guys, I've been a bit behind so you may have noticed I'm posting some pages before they're colored. The pages will be getting colored the day after they're posted, so like check that out, I guess.
@Dark: Oh crap, I'm a hack!
That's not Willa, it's the new portable Willa!
@someone: I honestly hope I lose some fans doing so.
@yachris: Erika's a girl of simple tastes, she don't own no fancy lawyerin' clothes.
@Dryder: Not Cloud, but an incredible simulation!
@Dugar: Close, Fido Force
Latchkey Kingdom is back in color people!
@Common Sense: What makes you think those are done yet?
@SlothfulCobra: Next week.
Team Awesome has a new sponsor! Ray Segundo has graciously offered to back the comics so all of you can find out what the deal is with Ms.Tery and the skeleton guy.

As always please check out the Latchkey Kingdom Patreon. It's what let's people like Ray make this comic possible.
@martyrex: Please e-mail me at the address at the bottom of this page. And I'll send you a copy of it.
Akunim did me the great please of making a guest comic while I work on writing a chapter that will actually have Willa in it.

You can check out more of Aku's art on his very NSFW tumblr;
Sorry, this was late, I was distracted by E3.
@martyrex: Sure you can! Please shoot me a link when the video is done.
@Cool coyote: This room actually rolled up empty. So no danger to overcome. But rolling low can get your brownie swiped.
@yachris: Oh shit, that's a typo.
Not so fast, skeleton warriors are the other tenth of the law.
And we may be holding on that exciting cliff-hanger for a while since Michael, who has so graciously backed the Team Awesome strips up until now, has resigned his strip level pledge to the Latchkey Kingdom Patreon.

On the bright side this means that the LK Patreon now has an open slot at the strip level! So get it while it's hot!
No traps or monsters in the landing room means that Abby has a chance to roll a heal while Ferrah searches. Meanwhile, Loca successfully rolls to recover consciousness, but it just so happens to be in a room with a big lizard.