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@SlothfulCobra: Thank you for understanding that right now these kind of strips are a necessity for me right now. Please be aware that we'll be seeing some of the main characters pop up later this week. And a new regular full-color chapter will be popping up next week.
Dark Henrik had a spare month of strip content so he requested this Ms. Tery one shot!
@Karl: coherent-theming != stereotype.
@Cathode: Sigh, that's supposed to be snow.
I guess maybe Saman will be fine after all.
@Karl: All the "Hold It"s already have been drawn that way.
Hey, if you're reading this around the time it's posted then I'm just about finished with my Thanksgiving vacation, which means that there won't be any new pages for the next week.

Backer strips will begin dropping December 3rd, followed by a new full-color chapter starring Willa and Ash!!
@5th Earth: The collar is a Franian custom. It is not required in other countries.
Just to be clear, it's a different thimble museum.
@Karl: Whoever they were they certainly were fans of bandit cosplay.
@Beep Beep: That is not the case here. I had actually planned for this to initially be only 6 strips. I guess it ended up a little light on content.

I'll try to do better in the future.
@shaboygen: Whoopsie doodle! I always make that mistake.
@Tjimmy1999: Babble finches are, babble funches are not.
@Rascal: Please, don't worry about this comic becoming NSFW. LK is committed to a PG-13 standard, which means it gets exactly one f-bomb.
@Guest: 1. Aqa and jenaab are honorifics, not names. 2. He popped off the cap with his eye socket.
@Judge Hodor MD: The drinking is in Hilla. This story takes place in the Dillo desert.
@Judge Hodor MD: Just because it's not typically framed as suck does not make the labor/capital relationship anything but coercive.
@MrZJunior: Panels 2, 3, 4, and 6 are.
September 24th, 2018
@Drifter: Yes, wherever this goes it will be consensual. There will never, ever be sexual violence in this comic.
@SlothfulCobra: I'm sorry that it's inconvenient for you, but new readers were getting really confused.