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@Pohatu5: This guy gets it.
@Hirotrum: Yes, the pages are a little out of order now. It's a compromise, between making things clear for new readers and not upsetting RSS subscribers by reuploading the 'The End' page over and over, and me wanting to make sure that the latest page shows up accurately.
@Dark: No, which is why she isn't.
I'm gonna be out of town, this weekend and it's my birthday so I'll be skipping the first update of next week. In the meantime please enjoy this non-cliffhanger.
@JDS: Sorry to correct you, but there is a browser version
@KirbyandPokemonFan: Yes, they're not technically sisters but it's the word the word that most closely approximates their relationship.
@Chris W.: Sounds like you might like the LK discord
@Chris W.: It's just a coincidence, no real meaning behind it. Just this was the first LK chapter I made, and I didn't have everything planned out yet.
Sorry, this one came so late in the week. I'm still planning on delivering all three this week though.
So now I guess the LKiverse has emoji.
I don't know why but I thought this would be a really fast page to make. Somehow I didn't realize it required a crowd scene.
Oh no, is the excessively mocking video game reference actually going to win!?
@feedman: I added this page to multiple series as a placeholder to explain to new readers why the series appear to end abruptly.
That's it for now for Water Temple. perhaps it will continue one day if a new sponsor would like to see it finished.
It’s a new strip series! Looks like this Holden fella has quite a gig in front of him.

Sponsered by Russ O.
@Kuroko: *Writes down "Iaido"*

So that's what it's called.
I'd like to apologize for missing so many updates this month. I've been picking up come commission work and getting ready to table at MidWest Fur Fest.

I'm going to work really hard to do better next month, but there's going to be lots of family visits and such so I'm afraid I can't make any promises.

Thanks for bearing with me.
@Kazdok: Yeah, I changed it because I realized that the commentator table, and thus the bird, should be closer to the ring.