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If you're reading this the day I posted it then you should know that I'm streaming!!
@Mocha: I meant that more as a Rock-a-Billy Rosaline.
This second part of two guest comics comes courtesy of Dragon Kai!

Check out their comic:

and Patreon:

A new full-color chapter starts up next week!
This two part guest comic comes courtesy of Dragon Kai!

Check out their comic:

and Patreon:
@Cathode: Clearly you are not familiar with the world of venture capital.
@Sudux: I had originally intended in this chapter to mention something about a lot of Hilla's snakes being vegetarian (how else would it be able to harbor such a large number of them?). But I couldn't think of a natural way to slip it in.
@kirby_star: it's not disembodied. The first two panels are different moments in time so Willa's head is in a different position in each.
When's the time you'd least expect an April Fools joke? That's right! The day after April Fools Day!!

This lovely illustration comes courtesy of Bardfox, you can see more of their stuff at
One thing and another happened last week so I wasn't able to make any Firecracker Fishing pages, but I did manage to finish a little Latchkey Kingdom side story I started last month. It's about Jane D'Arc using her feminine wiles to take on the fourth estate!

This comic is going to be a paid exclusive for the next six months. So if you would like to read it you'll need to either become a Patreon patron ( ) or purchase it for a dollar on Gum Road ( ).
@Anna: According to my translator "yubikiri" refers to pinky swearing in the sense that the swearer is vowing to honor their promise on pain of losing the swearing appendage. Similar to how an English speaker may 'cross their heart and hope to die' when they make a promise.
If you're reading this the day that it's posted you have a chance to watch my birthday livestream where I will attempt to make a 12-page comic in 12 hours!!

Update: The stream is over and I fell way short of my goal. But you can see the five pages I did complete here:
@Tenjin: I assure you that I've never even heard of Junji Ito.
@Childe Roland: Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is the least confusing way I have found to communicate the necessary information.

BTW I already remove these pages when each storyline concludes.
Yubikiri is Japanese for "Finger Remover".

Translation provided by Nina Matsumoto
@Combak: Everything is colored as intended.
New cover, with a new cover template!
Here's a link to the Patreon, please be generous.
Yes, I'm still begging for money, please bear with me. It'll all be over Tuesday and in the meantime, I hope you find these pages amusing.

And here's a link to the Patreon, please be generous.
@Guest: sorry no.
@Guest: They have a drum machine.