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Oh no, is the excessively mocking video game reference actually going to win!?
@jack: I posted this page at the end of every incomplete sponsored series, to help clear up some confusion new readers were having about why so many series seemed to come to an abrupt end.
@feedman: I added this page to multiple series as a placeholder to explain to new readers why the series appear to end abruptly.
@someone: They're not all ending, this is just a placeholder on these stories to let new readers know why the stories aren't finished.
That's it for now for Water Temple. perhaps it will continue one day if a new sponsor would like to see it finished.
It’s a new strip series! Looks like this Holden fella has quite a gig in front of him.

Sponsered by Russ O.
@Kuroko: *Writes down "Iaido"*

So that's what it's called.
I'd like to apologize for missing so many updates this month. I've been picking up come commission work and getting ready to table at MidWest Fur Fest.

I'm going to work really hard to do better next month, but there's going to be lots of family visits and such so I'm afraid I can't make any promises.

Thanks for bearing with me.
@Kazdok: Yeah, I changed it because I realized that the commentator table, and thus the bird, should be closer to the ring.
@some: When Serra is talking about her youth she is referring to a time prior to 70-Seas.

@Doc_Pseudopolis: Yes.
@someone: Thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed now.
There are some Lance fans who might like to see that.
@dracone: I take your point, the joke was intended to be at Debbie's expense, but maybe I've run it into the ground.
@IVC: Frog Gal
@Foxhack: It is my understanding that it translates to "never fallen".
Thanks to IVC for some Spanish expertise.
It's a new backer strip! All about Lexi and her new friend. Brought to us by Ed Money!
It's the final History of Hilla. Which means that you can all be confident that you now know every last thing about Hilla's history which will never ever retconned at all.
@MrZJunior: It's fixed now.
I had to bring this story to an end a little faster than I anticipated. But it was always going to wind up here.