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@yachris: Oh shit, that's a typo.
Not so fast, skeleton warriors are the other tenth of the law.
And we may be holding on that exciting cliff-hanger for a while since Michael, who has so graciously backed the Team Awesome strips up until now, has resigned his strip level pledge to the Latchkey Kingdom Patreon.

On the bright side this means that the LK Patreon now has an open slot at the strip level! So get it while it's hot!
No traps or monsters in the landing room means that Abby has a chance to roll a heal while Ferrah searches. Meanwhile, Loca successfully rolls to recover consciousness, but it just so happens to be in a room with a big lizard.
No rolls this page, this is just resolving the last page's action.
@Dark: Ferrah's current arrow count is ENOUGH out of PLENTY arrows left.
@someone: I actually rolled an otyugh but I thought that was gross so I changed it. Otjeg's eat garbage but smell like warm butter.
A bum roll leads to an empty room. so Abby's bad roll isn't as humiliating as it might have been.
@Dark: Actually healing is allowed with a successful wisdom roll. Which is something Abby got when the next room had no traps or monsters. So they're all currently at full health.

Which means either I've been very lucky or this system is geared to very strongly in the adventurers' favor.
I skipped the room rolls this page, because I figured the double monsters from the last page could use a little more time to solve.
Please, no 'first' posting.
@Checkered cheese chicken: Unfortunately the rules aren't publicly available. There's a version of them in the print edition of Evan Palmer's Delve book, but he only sells that at cons.
@Dryder: It's Jensen's brand, so it always works 100% of the time, no rolls required.
@Fittik : This is a different system that Evan Palmer made for his Delve comic. It's inspired by DnD but radically simplified.
Any roll below 10 is a failure resulting in the loss of 1 HP, unless they get help from a character who can spare some points. Abby has the lowest Constitution of the group meaning she only has 7 HP total.

If it was possible for adventurers to get killed immediately I'd have started with a lot more of them.
A real bad set of rolls for the team. But Muerta and Ferrah's relevant stat-modifiers (which I will start displaying from now on) let them narrowly avoid damage. Abby is not so lucky.
For this first monster, I rolled up a Drider, which is some kind of drow/spider thing. It looked pretty stupid and boring so I adapted a man spider design that's a little more, spectacular.

Oh no, does this mean the rest of the monsters have to be comic parodies?
The team starts off lucky and rolls an unguarded treasure. Will this lucky streak continue?

(I've rolled ahead, and the answer is no.)
@Dorp: I certainly hope no one dies, but it's definitely possible for people to get really really messed up.
I'm a bit behind writing scripts for LK, so before we get back to Willa's next adventure we'll be taking a little detour with Team Zap.

This story is inspired by Evan Palmer's Delve, and like that story, the events of every page are going to be decided at random with a handful of d20s. During this story I'm going to be attempting to make a new page every day, so y'all don't have to wait too long to get back to all the characters you know and love.