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I guess this is my BL comic side account.
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Heard so many good news today drawing this was a breeze.
@JinxazuMarai: It was supposed to be a lot easier, but I kinda fucked up already when it comes to Stuart :'D (he was only supposed to say mean things when asked something etc. but now he basically can't say anything else....)
uuuh i am so tired, but here's the new page.
summer holidays !!! I guess I try go back updating this weekly again.
wow sorry for the delay, i don't know what happened to me in April. It went by too quickly.
yo yo, exams r over, time to upload a new page!
since i'm on a roll updating all my comics lets update this too!
Hello, again!!! Been busy drawing other stuff but here i am once more.
@Sulaka: shotashorts are a must.
@featherpencil: years of practice with that hairstyle!
@lovegraffiti: Thanks!
@amanduur: Thank you!
@orbit : lets hope so!
@Amoeba: Thank u!
@crybaby_clown: sorry for the lack of updates!! I kinda had another project which involved lot of drawing, but now i am back and hoping to update really soon!
yeah yeah there are no bgs i know, but i'm tired and hungry, alright.
Hello again!! Didn't update on holidays after all but now that festivities are over i see no longer any excuses to be lazy so i am back on schedule.
wishing happy new year to everyone as i continue being slow with updates!!
it's very likely you won't get a new page next Wednesday because it's Christmas eve then. Or it is also likely that you will get it one day earlier, anything's possible! so i guess i won't be wishing you guys merry x-mas just yet, if i actually manage to make new page next week after all.
i guess when i fail my japanese exam on friday i have this to blame.
welcome to the shota fashion where you must always wear shorts and knee-socks.
@CattyD: i gotta start searching for medium color for their speech-bubbles if they are ever gonna learn anything from each other :'D
@Milanopiano: Thanks!
@Tia: Thank you, i hope i can make this an interesting one!
@Amoeba:Thanks !!
@magicmau5: Thank u!
@Palliris Kiessa: (i live and breath solangelo and other nico ships atm and i have lost control of my life!)
wow i should technically be reading for next week's exam and not doodle comics...
i almost failed to make this page on time due to nico di angelo being the only thing i've been able to think of lately (guess who read percy jackson books).
LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY MADE BY silent-songs !!!!
(Can you tell i get stupidly happy when someone draws my characters!)
it's been like almost a month since i started this and i'm still on time with updates! I must really like this comic...