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that was the best bleach parody evur!!!! can you do a one peice parody plz?
a thousand dark hands ....that can become VERY NAUTY!!!!
yup wait till you see the bankia!!!!!!
she's also a subsitute soul reaper in her spair time (which is limited to ....4 minutes a day)
naiyama fights the skull demon mum from samuria asdventure 1
naiyama kick some ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
super glomp makes me prowd!
YES!!!!! NAIYAMA AND SEFFRON!!! I"LL MAKE THE YURI PICS AS i get off my dads farm...(no paper to draw here)
her hair's kinda like ...misa or the girl from school rumble! X3
and naiyama's a samuria! she'll cut you like your a emo kid!
i love this comic collab!!
and every one draws naiyama differently and it's fun to see how every one wants her to be! it's like playing with dolls! ...but the dolls can screw each other... but wow! naiyama looks so innocent in this one!
um...naiyama likes....:frapichinnos,(gad i hope thats spelled right)rocky road ice cream, sukiyaki, melrose ...maaaabey and pie! X3
melrose looks the hottest
by the wayz +50 points for making naiyama look so badass!