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AvianSkies is the collaborative effort of two sisters, one the artist, one the writer. When we aren't creating magical worlds, we're usually dancing to music and chugging chocolate milk. But then, we do that when we're creating worlds, too.
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    Mirrasae and Miko
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@M-24: Thank you so much for your kindness. <3
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@M-24: He would be so pleased to hear that. lol
@Aiyse: Right??
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Our beloved cat Edelweiss was killed this week by a vehicle who couldn't be bothered to go the speed limit. Please always be mindful when driving.

RIP, Sweet Edel. You are sorely missed. <3
Meet Rava, a General of Tyse Corps. Isn't he pleasant?
Of Crowds & Wisps
Miko (Artist): Whenever I do scenes with a crowd of people, I think up little details about some of them, even though we'll likely never see them again. For example, in panel 1, the couple on the left - she is intelligent, capable, and what you might call an exotic beauty. He couldn't have done better, even though he's really a great guy. It's just that he has no fashion sense at all... shameful.

The man in the suit with the little girl is basically a git. He's greedy and power hungry. The little girl is sweet, but with a father like him, she'll likely grow up to be a brat who doesn't think about others.

The old man used to be a very strong warrior in the old regime.

Moving on, why does Eman has wisps of hair showing, even after Chya's warning? Well, his original outfit design for this scene had his hair completely covered, but it just didn't fit. Eman is quite fashion-conscious, and wouldn't wear something that didn't look good on him. Besides, being highly observant, he's already noted the light greens that Nydanian hair can be, so he figures at first glance, and with his green eyes, that would be the assumption.
Second page of our double update this week. Enjoy!
Since the title page is this week, we're doing a double update. Make sure to read the next page too!
It's the first day of Summer! Eeeeeeee! (Y'know, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway... ;) )
@Aiyse: Thank you!!
lol Just Doctor Tyy being himself, we guess.
@WindowMaker: Exactly so!
Yes, wheels make this motorcycle a classic for Eman. He's used to hovercrafts and spaceships after all.

And then there's hair dye. XD
Eman has no tolerance for less-than-perfect tea. Or food. Or people. XD

Good thing Doctor Tyy has patience in spades.
Of Editing?
This week I finally got Photoshop to help with editing, so I'm playing with its settings to try to draw out more of the vibrancy that is usually lost when we scan these pages onto the computer. It did wonders for this page! I'll keep practicing and applying what I learn. <3
Mirrasae: Tyy's back! ...And as belittled as ever. Eman, just cuz he's "normal" doesn't mean you should insult him, you meany-face. XD


Miko: Whenever I start a new scene, I have this moment of 'Should I make detailed notes of which colors I used?' Then I'm like, 'Nah, I'll remember...'

Thus, the couch looks very dark in places in that first panel...

Yeah. Dumb. One day I'll learn.
Yup, six months later and that gerani is still somewhat intact. Not quite a raisin yet. More important is Key's willpower not to eat the luscious "Paradisaical Purple Fruit" (in Crenen's words) in order to maintain proof of where he was. Impressive indeed for the li'l addict. XD