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AvianSkies is the collaborative effort of two sisters, one the artist, one the writer. When we aren't creating magical worlds, we're usually dancing to music and chugging chocolate milk. But then, we do that when we're creating worlds, too.
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    Mirrasae and Miko
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@Aiyse: Thank you!!
lol Just Doctor Tyy being himself, we guess.
@WindowMaker: Exactly so!
Yes, wheels make this motorcycle a classic for Eman. He's used to hovercrafts and spaceships after all.

And then there's hair dye. XD
Eman has no tolerance for less-than-perfect tea. Or food. Or people. XD

Good thing Doctor Tyy has patience in spades.
Of Editing?
This week I finally got Photoshop to help with editing, so I'm playing with its settings to try to draw out more of the vibrancy that is usually lost when we scan these pages onto the computer. It did wonders for this page! I'll keep practicing and applying what I learn. <3
Mirrasae: Tyy's back! ...And as belittled as ever. Eman, just cuz he's "normal" doesn't mean you should insult him, you meany-face. XD


Miko: Whenever I start a new scene, I have this moment of 'Should I make detailed notes of which colors I used?' Then I'm like, 'Nah, I'll remember...'

Thus, the couch looks very dark in places in that first panel...

Yeah. Dumb. One day I'll learn.
Yup, six months later and that gerani is still somewhat intact. Not quite a raisin yet. More important is Key's willpower not to eat the luscious "Paradisaical Purple Fruit" (in Crenen's words) in order to maintain proof of where he was. Impressive indeed for the li'l addict. XD
@M-24: That's cuz it IS hilarious. XD Though to be fair, there is a timeline jump involved in all this.
Leave it to Eman to calmly, indifferently drop what MIGHT be a bombshell. XD
The Journey Continues (at last!)
And here's the second page of our double-update kick-off for Book 2 of Liars Go To Paradise! In Book 2: Vendaeva, we'll revisit old friends and introduce a few new faces as well. Enjoy!!

As a side note, there will be at least three Books in this series, possibly even four (depending on how we decide to break things up).
Book 2 Starts NOW!!
Finally. FINALLY! Now begins book 2 of Liars Go To Paradise?, subtitled Vendaeva. The story continues with a double update to kick things off!

We've been pushing for an April 19th release since January, largely because we needed time to plot out book 2 and also because it felt like an appropriate way to celebrate Key's birthday. Happy birthday, Key!!

We sincerely hope you enjoy our comic series as we journey on! <333 Thank you for your ongoing patience as we strive to release more consistence updates. For now, we'll be rotating between Liars and Kaleidoscope every other Friday until we can manage juggling both in a single week. *dreamily stares into the distant future*
It's not much, but it's the start of an explanation concerning the struggles on Nydan. And that's just ONE war being waged in this story.
Heigh-ho Merry-go!
We're working hard on Liars Go To Paradise? Part II right now; so for now, until further notice, updates for Kaleidoscope will be every other Friday.
@WindowMaker: Thank you~!!
A.N. The twin boys here are named Inoctoi (ee-nock-toy) and Inectei (ee-neck-tay), often called Inee and Inei for short. Inoctoi is the one with his hair loose, and thus Inectei has the braid. =D
Factions & Updates
The font makes it hard to read, but the faction's name is Kraric (k-rare-ik). In the next few pages you'll understand more of faction politics. Somewhat.

And yup, we're back (a whole year later...) with more military action/sci-fi mixed with humor (because all good stories have humor). Join us as Eman awes, intimidates, humiliates and infuriates. XD
@Aiyse: Right? XD

Thank you!! It's great to be back! <3