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Hello! ^^ I'm a somewhat silly person who plays video games and likes to draw comics as a hobby.
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No worries about late pages. We're patient ^^ Can't help Artist's Block anyways.

Nonetheless, your comic is so pretty! ^^ Good luck on it, I'll most definitely be sticking around, regardless of how quick pages come out.
Decided to remake the cover for the site update, the old one was somewhat outdated anyways. Anyways, I hope to maybe start uploading Viridian again sometime soon, although I'm not sure how consistent updates will be and when that'll happen. But I don't plan on abandoning this comic, so someday it'll hopefully start back up.

The old cover is still up on my deviantart here:
Pow Pow
April 13th, 2016
Nothing much to say here. Sorry for the lateness, I was busy and couldn't release it this morning.
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April 9th, 2016
Sorry that this is coming out so late. I was busy today, and my tablet was giving me issues with the speech bubbles to make it worse.
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April 2nd, 2016
I'm not really a fan of these early pages, but we have to get through them, I guess, and I need to have the self restraint not to remake everything or else I won't get anywhere. I just hope I can get through them soon.
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March 30th, 2016
I'm sorry if these early pages are low in quality, they are pretty old, at least a month old, and I have improved (or at least trying to improve) and these early pages show how I'm still trying to learn what to do.
This was really hard to edit so maybe that might show somewhere. I have to scan the picture twice to get somewhat of the full size, and sometimes the lighting gets messed up between scans so sometimes I have to even it out, but this page ended up being really hard with that, oops.
@andreya225: Try e_41_by_kitty225mmc-d9wiy4z.png

You can use Deviantart for direct upload, you just need to right click the image, click "View Image Info" and in the window that comes up, copy the location.
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March 24th, 2016
@9rainbowtails: Kit so far is the only one designed after a Pokemon, and I think he might remain that way for a while. Heather is just a blue raccoon. Sorry if I've been misleading ^^'
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March 23rd, 2016
And here's the end of the prologue! It's probably a little messy, with speech bubbles especially (I'm a little mad at myself because I didn't really think of room for speech bubbles while drawing the pages, oops). For now on, the comic will update twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here's to hoping that I can actually keep up with updating the comic now ^^'
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March 23rd, 2016
Here's the first page! And oops, I forgot to digital edit this with levels. Also, sorry if the thought bubbles are organized weird, for whatever reason I thought they could be read the way they are but maybe they could be read in the wrong order, oops.
(That picture up there is just a quick sketch, I know there's a lot of problems with it >.< Especially the hands)

(Also, if you don't want to read this wall of text but want to figure out what this is about, you can scroll down, I tried summarize it all. Hopefully it would be easy to find >.< )

So the reason I wasn't able to update was that I was busy and out of town for the last few weeks, so I had no access to my laptop to update comics. Andmaybetherewassomelazynesstoo. I don't know why, but I have some odd thing where I don't update if I don't make a comic page, just to make sure I keep a buffer.

And, well, over that time I thought about the comic. I sort of continued developing the world a lot more, and I realized that the first chapter wasn't really good with explaining it's ideas among other stuff. Maybe I'm just paranoid about that, though. But I sort of feel like Chapter 1 may be just a bunch of bad pacing without any information shown in that slow pacing, as well as any reason to have it be so slow. So I thought that I might as well reboot the first chapter if I'm not really happy with it.

And, to be honest, this is a little embarrassing to me. I just finish the first chapter (Not all uploaded) and it's a day after the anniversary when I first published this comic, but I really think I can do the first chapter a little better. It's filled with ideas that I decided to stop going with in the middle of them, consistency errors as I change my ways of drawing and constantly improve over a year of on and off drawing. I honestly don't feel like ideas are fleshed out as they're supposed to, and the characters aren't introduced correctly, and it's possible that most people who read this don't exactly know what's happening. And there's bad pacing and probably confusing and jarring transitions. I could be all wrong about this, though, and just criticizing myself over something that isn't a problem, but that doesn't stop the fact that I feel I could do better, especially if I'm right in that it's all issues in the comic.

So, basically, the comic is going to have to go on hiatus as I rewrite the chapter and build up another buffer, being that my entire buffer, at this moment, is the first chapter. But, as I want to make sure that I'm actually progressing and not drawing the same thing over and over again, I want to start working on the second chapter as well. (If your wondering how this works, the second chapter deals with another set of characters. So it's mostly unrelated to the first chapter)

What does this mean when I start updating again? It means that two chapters would be updating at once and honestly it might be a little confusing. The comic definitely won't be at a point where I'd recommend first reading it since it'll be almost like two different comics are updating at once and both are incomplete. But maybe updating online might give me more of an incentive to actually complete it, I dunno. I read a lot of comics on this site, so I pretty much check everyday if a comic updates, so that means that I can check everyday on how Darkflame is doing. And seeing that the comic might have a few comics and hasn't updated in a while might make me feel like updating more often. I do feel like this year, I'd be able to update much more often as, even though it might not be canon, I was able to practice a lot by finishing the original chapter 1.

Do I plan to upload the current Chapter 1? Someday, when I finish the rebooted version, I probably will. I've always had plans to create an extras section on the site and put the older versions of chapter 1 on it (This wasn't my first attempt, it was my third that actually got somewhere). So you could see what my original plans and pages for the chapter was if your curious.

QUICKLY SUMMING UP THIS BIG WALL OF TEXT, I'm not happy where the comic is back, so I'm rebooting it, and there would be a hiatus. When the comic gets off of hiatus, two chapters would be updating at once and it might be confusing.

Anyways, since I'm rebooting the chapter, if you want to, you can try criticizing what I have now, so I can keep in mind what to do when rewriting it.

Nonetheless, thank you for taking your time to read this, even if you skipped through it or read all of that wall of text. And thank you to everyone who took their time to read this comic, whether you're one of the eight fans or just stumbled upon this comic once and wasn't too interested in it. I really appreciate that you decided to read at least a little of my comic, whether you thought it had a lot of issues or not. I plan to see this to the end someday, but I'm not sure how long that would take.
There's nothing wrong with marshmallows ^^ She's adorable.
Don't you hate it when your diamond runs away from you? >.<

(Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I was busy for the past few weeks >.< )
And we have another page for today! I had a little trouble with speech bubbles, but not as much as the last page. I don't really have much to say about this page, it's decent, I guess.

As for news about Chapter 1, I finished all the pages of it, and it's a total of 43 pages long, so hopefully those all get uploaded by the end of the summer.
I had trouble with getting the speech bubbles in on these pages, especially that second panel, as I don't think I realized that I would need to put so much information in ^^'. Ah well. About the art itself, I'm not too proud of it, most of the posing in this page (Specifically the first, fourth, and fifth panel) are a little odd. Oh well. I also read through the comic the other day and realized that I probably introduced the characters incorrectly, and some of the transitions can be very... sudden, I guess that's the word? Oh well.
And so we transition back to these two. Also, the island is different from the first page, but it's not a different island, I just added more details to it. I'm somewhat proud of these pages, mainly because of the colors.

Also, I'm planning to finish Chapter 1 this week. It wouldn't all be uploaded till the beginning of August, I think, but at least the end is in sight! Chapter 1 should be about 43 pages or so.
And that fight scene is over. Hopefully I won't have to draw another one for at least a chapter or so. And it'll probably be better. I think. Probably won't last for just two pages at the very least.

So here we introduce a new character, Edward! And I'm starting to not like his colors as they don't contrast enough and just blend together. Whoops!
And part two of Pow Pow doesn't know how to draw fight scenes. Whoops! Again, I honestly think I didn't show things very well, but at least I tried. As I've said before, this isn't going to last very long.
This is one of the pages I started and completed sometime at the start of the summer. So it's more recent the other few pages I have been uploading. And well... um... This is probably part one of how I can't draw fight scenes. But it isn't going to last very long, so there's that at least. Probably one of the biggest problems with this page is how you can easily get lost in what's happening because I don't really show it very clearly. At least I think I'm not very clear with what's happening.