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Pow Pow
Hello! I'm Pow Pow, and I like to write and draw comics and play video games. While I have been drawing and comicing for a while, a lot of my work remains unpublished on the internet and am not very proud of my older work, but hopefully that all would change! ^^

My current comic is Blue Sky. It's an idea that I tried a little while ago and I've probably restarted it twice. However, this time I've been working on it for around a year and probably made the most progress that I have ever done on a comic so far, and I'm still pretty happy with how it started out. So uh, hopefully I keep this streak going, haha.
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Yeah Opal, this is why you don't go around killing people and causing problems.
Congrats on the comic spotlight! ^^
Well then. That guy is in trouble. Maybe you should pay attention to who you attack?
Haven't you ever heard of borrowing? That's definitely not stealing.
Aww, Velvet. You tried your best, though, be proud for trying.
Pow Pow
October 2nd, 2019
Look, they have a beautiful, very, very, very close friendship. You wouldn't want to ruin such a friendship, right?
Pow Pow
October 2nd, 2019
Well, how was he supposed to react to this news then?
Ah yes, the leggy monster. I know the leggy monster... What's a leggy monster?
That's kind of wild, that you can't go to a city because you're so afraid of death. This is actually a pretty interesting take on how a world with immortality would be like.
The obvious answer is that they weren't in their right mind or they obviously needed some sick torture device.
We don't need to go, wait, never mind just don't take long.

*5 hours later* you know this is fine.
"In Devon's defense, he has been unconscious most of this time."

Is that supposed to be a good thing?
Pow Pow
September 29th, 2019
Nah, it's just good to be prepared.
I just want to say that I love your comic so far! I really like the art style, and I also like how you depict the characters and the story you choose to go with, it really pleases the sonic fan in me haha.
Well, a rest would probably be nice.
Well, he seems a little out of it.
Pow Pow
September 22nd, 2019
I mean, the cave has to lead somewhere at least, right?
Pow Pow
September 22nd, 2019
Aww, the bear is going to be such a sweet mother.
I don't think our buddy here looks too good. Gosh darn it, you're confusing them with your help.
Yeah it's probably good to rest when you get all of the bad crystals punched out of you.