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How are Pokemon not extinct at this point?!
Will 4i ever get growing?! Oh, the suspense of green-thumbed imaginary numbers!
Mole Day
It's a couple of days before Mole Day (Oct. 23), but that means there's plenty of time to get it out to all of your chemistry friends!

I get so many ideas that I do bounce between story lines sometimes, but we won't be away from The Vacation arc for long. Hope you enjoy both stories!
Updates spreading out a bit, but I'm hoping to have a new comic for you every week. Monday is my self-appointed drawing day, so the adventure will continue next week!
Don't drink and derive kids.
If you haven't noticed yet, I love puns. The punnier the better. I like the clever twists on words and double meanings. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of those...
I'm trying to stay ahead of myself. I have a few comics ready for The Vacation arc, and I've been working on some comics for the Realm of Imaginary Numbers with 4i and Root -13. I'm probably going to hop back and forth between the two. A few with Five, Six, Seven, and Nine and then a few in the Realm. Let me know what you think.
Story Arcs
I'm just starting seven8nine again, and wanted to upload my original webcomics that began the story arc for you can start from the beginning. I'll also be dividing up the stories between Mathamatopolis and the Realm of Imaginary Numbers.