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Well, I like stuff, I make comics, I play games, anything else?
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    I respond to Marley,The_Project,My realname or nicknames
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I'm Back!
Yes!, I am back, hopefully to stay, Furthest Adventure is being redone, after a lot of planning and plotting, and trying to crawl through coursework and stuff, it is here!

I'm glad to be back though, and I hope you guys have missed me and the comic, I'm actually surprised how far the last comic got to be honest, lets hope this gets even further.

Also, I do now have a new account:
And the comic itself is over here:
I would of never believed this place was still running..., the good ol' days.
@Shard: it's too late, it's already in motion.
They could just order some PG tips and be done with it.
@The Magnificent Z: oooo! ooo! I know this one!, I'm guessing..., Godzilla?
5th panel: does this form make my butt look big?
@CreatorZone: yeah thanks, now thats all i can see.
@Shard: *drops tomato* alright then.
well she has her reasons.
I don't know what she's talking about, i've been using sign post to speak my whole life, and i'm not even a mute.
well someone has anger problems.
what him up there said ^
oh really because i have a bunch of ideas right now.
@teetonify: except for that now he's going to be eaten.