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Hey I'm just a fan of various artworks I draw my own stuff but the likely-hood I'll put it up here will be slim. I'm not very good at making comics and all my ideas are weird. I'm also a pharmacy student so I don't really have much time to make comics if I wanted to. Oh well. See ya~
Ed you do realize your sister is probably going to drag you away before your cute little flirtatious suitor gets to say more. JK I am not a fortune teller XD

Great page btw
Let's see Brittney is excited wearing an old style german dress

Maggie is looking unimpressed by everything and wondering what's wrong with her little brother

And Edward is acting like a dork melting and gushing over a guy making flirtatious looks at him

This page = 13/10!
@Panacea: Oh my gawsh I had the same reaction. XD I couldn't stop laughing
November 29th, 2014
Prequel or Sequel?
I'm going to guess prequel but I can't be sure
Makoto you troll
I do see what Makoto is getting at though. He wants to show Avalon that he's been ignoring his own physical reactions that may pertain to his sexual preference. Much more in a shocking way of course especially since it appeared as though Makoto really did want to kiss him. Avalon even blushing in responce makes it seem as now he's hyper aware of some inclinations and embarassment and showing his aversion really make it apparent for the audience to see he's a bit reluctant to admit he probably would have liked what Makoto was doing because he really is more attracted to men. Even his adamantly responce about what he felt for his ex girlfriend make it seem as if he did really hold any type of physical or emotional attachment to her.

Though I can be way off base. I'm writing this on my phone and during a boring part of my college class. See ya next comment XD
Crisis for Avalon
I have another long comment I'll make on another page when I look back on it and remember wheat it is I wanted to say.

But here we have Makoto and Avalon sitting at a cafe to talk to each other on what is bothering Avalon so much. (obviously)

What I find the most surprising is that Makoto seems very unaffected in a sense to what Avalon is telling him, or rather it doesn't bother him at all. Makoto just states what he thinks is a fact and that Avalon is most likely in denial about what his real sexual preference is especially since he knows of Avalon's upbringing somewhat well;so it seems. I actually find this as Makoto being a very good and understanding friend, especially since that would also mean that he accepts the fact that Taka has feelings for Avalon, although Avalon has his confusion going on at the moment which makes everything seem very tense from Avalon's end. To be told flat out by two of your friends that there is nothing wrong with him possibly to have a relationship with another guy must still be unimaginable for Avalon. Which I think is shown pretty well how much this conversation and the previous conversation with Taka is actually affecting him.

Now for Makoto, I can't help but feel makoto possibly being happy for two reasons. One being that he sees Avalon showing interest in something and the second maybe he doesn't feel this way but still the idea that Avalon possibly being taken in the future(relationship wise) might mean that Naomi may give up on Avalon. Knowing more so that his heart is torn between his affection for his girlfriend and possible infatuation for Naomi.

As always great job to both of you! Keep up the good work!
October 25th, 2014
I second Lolychan with you continuing a prequel or sequel or something of the like!
October 25th, 2014
Can I gve him hugs?
Also don't worry about my earier comment on you other page. I just REALLY dislike the song, and well I kinda expected this to be the case of what was going on but was in pleasant denial for a while. Anyway for this boy he needs a hug. and another hug and another hug. Stop pulling on my heartstrings you awesome writer!!!!! (<This is meant to be a compliment)

But yes.. all of your bittersweet stories really tug on my heartstrings way too much. i am easily emotionally attached to characters who show more emotion even though they don't say much so the entire time I just wanted to comfort this guy because of all of the emotional pain and grief he must be feeling for having someone he loved so much now gone from his life, the "I can never be happy again because you were my happiness" that feeling which won't go away easily because of how much emotional attachment was there between the two of them.

(Now for my silly fun)
*grabs boy* We are having a fluffy party right now and you can cry as much as you want and get lots of hugs. (Fluffy party is basically very comfortable area to be yourself and watch things that will make you happy and feel better even if it's just for a day. Often included hordes of stuffed animals, fluffy blankets, snacks and adorable shojo anime or just romantic comedies)
What a cool dad
Seriously Ed has the coolest dad ever if he's like "I don't need you getting a boyfriend with your mom's personality" so nonchalantly. Also how he's like "Cool anime. Mind if I join ya"
October 19th, 2014
@Alamino: Just a little. For some reason I jsut start crying when I hear that song. I guess it's just because it seems like it's incredibly painful to think about how someone can sound so genuinely happy when talking about a the person who makes you the happiest disappearing from your life, and many times it's through death that they are gone; there can also be the fact that they just left them one day by going somewhere far away and have no physical contact either
October 18th, 2014
@ObsidianvsYurei: oops my bad XDSD
October 16th, 2014
Homework T_T
I know the feeling I just finished mine and it's past midnight already. i hate uni work.

And wow Xander doesn't want to wake u it seems XD
October 16th, 2014
That song makes me depressed though. >.< And I don't know why. I think it's from when I heard it on this tv show called 7th Heaven
Well I'm annoyed
I wrote a nice long comment for you and this site had an error and I didn't copy it before the error occurred and I need to retype it. T_T
@Yanagi_Himei: Haha she looks like a good friend. Like the " I'm going to annoy you now to let you know how much I love you " type
What's his secret
He has very luscious lips XD
Yay rehype yep I can't wait to see the changes
Wow maybe she just wants him to relax a bit more XD
October 10th, 2014
This is making me cry
Great I can't believe I JUST noticed him saying "someday" a lot and then why did you have to choose that song of all songs that one makes EVERYONE cry. Really those lyrics always make me cry..
No Blue not your fault
But Red surely didn't help the matter by telling her that she'd need something more creative and powerful if she wanted revenge. i mean come on Red did you even bother to tell Blue that you kinda gave her sister the idea to go through with her revenge?