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I'm actually a potato.
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he's gonna get bodied
so long, rat
conversation in my english class
welcome back to hell pfft
@WiispNightmare: It's fine, man! ayyyy ba-dum-tsss
@Meta-Akira: It's most certainly not a good thing. ...Well not for vampires, at least. They'll flock like moths.
@WiispNightmare: aaaaaa ;;; ;;; //paps the smol wiisp
i'd panic way more in a situation like this, tbh
@WiispNightmare: ahahaaaa yep! Oh thanks, man! I greatly appreciate it aaa ;; v ;;
The cover.
(placeholder until I draw the actual thing lmao)
And so it begins.
I'll probably try to keep full colour/shaded pages but if I get lazy, grayscale it is.
That light...

(I was trying to sound cool. Honestly, it has no meaning...yet.)
Fuck it, I'm uploading the rest of the page tomorrow. I need to sleep since it's a school night ahaa
Welp, the file's wayyyyy too big to put up the whole page so it looks like I'm cutting the Prologue up into parts.
Daniel, you're being very awkward. x'D
Just spheal with it. B)
I bayleef these puns are awesome. u w u