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So this is page three of the first encounter between Lara and Bree (and Shiro enters the scene as well)

I got a bit lazy and didn't tone it ^^;
Aww ><

Will you still be at the forum too?
First page Here:
Do you remember me??

Well, this is the second page of the first encounter between Bree and Lara.

Ah, oh ^^; sorrrrry! I'll do better next time!

(too lazy to redraw hair) But I can fix the Shiro-kun text
RP, RP! YAY :)

I think it's his nose that's making Brendan look odd.

*runs over to forum for RP*
Yay! A page at last!

I felt like I needed to draw other people's I drew Bree!

>< I'm not really satisfied with the quality (I would've liked to make backgrounds and nicer lines and tones), but I really like the way I drew Bree in her "Shiro-kuuuu~n!" panel :D (it was the first frame I drew, and then I decided to make an entire page out of it).

Yep, this is Bree and Lara meeting for the first time.
Sweet! Skye looks so cool here!! I love the tail and his nice, sculpted body =P.

Yay! A forum!
Icky XP, hope you recover soon, best wishes! I'll draw you a little something (card) :D

*sigh* I can't draw chibis either, and there's so many different styles too...share the secret if you find it!
Gothic --
Hehehe, she's actually quite kind on the inside, she just gets pissed off easily :).

Roy Duncan --
Thanks! That means a lot, your stuff looks awesome!!

Kuromei --
Hehe, she particularly likes the gay men because of their interesting taste and comments on style.

Immortality --
Thanks! Hiding her won't help =P she has innate shy-person sense. (just kidding)
Hospital? Eh?

It's not crappy, it looks great! But not exactly super-deformed.
Wow, amazing! Love the artwork and the concept of the story (and the yin and yang thing you have in here, very cool).
Mmm, I wouldn't be sad if this happened to me...
No, no! More art talk please :D

I'm curious about how you tone too...
Such beautiful lines and detail by the way! I really hate digitally inking, but I can't really afford to lose another fountain pen (I keep buying and losing my pens :( )
AH! I love her character :D so vibrant and imaginative.
So this is just a character sketch of Lara. She's pretty aggressive (blood type B too). Haven't really thought about her history yet...
Hehehe, cute :)

I want in!!

I've never done a collab before, do I need to send an application or something (and to whom?)
waah! it's Tsumi-chan :]
Hwaaaah! He's so cute XD...
Although the screentoning and general layout could use work, you have the beginnings of a great manga! Looking forward to seeing more...+fav