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Merroug Dragon
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    Matt Palaszewski
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Cool down ladies
I know right, but it would just be great if the spell keys to what the girls are thinking and or wishing for and turns Zeen into a muscle bound beefcake of awesomeness. um, what a minute Muscle, mussel HOOO NOOO!
it would be just too funny if that did happen.
He should use his sex beam cannon on this lot.
Roll the die of destiny
Die roll: 2, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 3, and the last roll come on 20! 1 damn I suck!
Is Zeen still a female?
Zeen still has long eyelashes. LOL
What comes around.
Now kazu should have Rath zap Zeen, for science and see what happens, what comes around goes around.
@ Ricbold
there's still a line and Goret has crossed it, would you take a bunch of knolls dressed in his idea of battle dress seriously? I wouldn't, I'd crack up laughing my tail off, before incinerating them all in dragon plasma.
@ Panther

Oh god no! Goret is a fashion criminal.
Hay Kazu, Zeena is in need of a wardrobe makeover.
Zeena kobold Princess
How cute wold that be?
What no dress?
Zeen's outfit should have transformed too.
Yes, I foresee a fiery mushroom cloud in the near feature.
If he does absorb all that heat, he just might melt down like Godzilla did in Godzilla vs Destoroyah.
With a CR of 34 she can take it and come out none the worse for wear, her poo armor on the other hand will be vaporized. As for Goret, I can see his flesh burn away in layers right down to the bone, leaving behind a carbonized skeleton.
Moroz can't last too much longer, with that venom coursing thru her vanes, not with all that running around shes been doing.
that's it! pull the old Captain Kirk routine, and fry his mechanical brain.
(sigh) Gnomes is so stupid.