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November 29th, 2017
Awww shucks...I can relate to this...I had to put off my thesis at the end of uni because i just couldn't do it.
Few years later I got called out by my bosses for poor performance at work. And that I might be kicked if it didn't improve.
Of course it was partly my fault. But the stupid brain plays a BIG part. Be it depression as a medical condition (as in my case) or depression caused by heartbreak (which i assume this is).

@Kimmikala: You're doing such a great job here! All the characters are so real <3
@hoodhoranyou: Exactly my thoughts :,D this is grating on my nerves so badly...
this is just too much in the early morning for me *faints*
I am literally TREMBLING with JOY right now! You're back! We missed you! <3
February 20th, 2017
@SoulRaider116: Well, I dare say my friend didn't handle that situation back then really well. She decided to just pretend I said nothing, while I was just running after her to at least get a 'NO' *sigh*
But really, situations like that are just screwed up, no matter which side you are on, so I really believe that you felt bad about it :(

I think that's why everyone wants Sooch to come around in the end - even though he has every right not to do so - , beacuse that would mean everybody's 100% happy in the end.
February 16th, 2017
AH! NO! I just read the whole comic in one go and now i finally got to the point i was so afraid more pages!!! I feel like crying now ;_;
I really love the story and the characters so far :) And it also feels very real to me. I can say that because I have been in the EXACT same situation as Howie before. Not exactly happy memories, but oh well...I can happily report that she and I are even better friends nowadays than before, so I have hope for Howie and Sooch, whichever way it ends <3
February 3rd, 2017
can silvia be my girlfriend, please? i want a gf like her x3
January 14th, 2017
Nooo, my poor psycho baby ;_; i don't want him to hurt!
thank god there was only one of my colleagues in my office this morning. the one that knows that i catch up on my webcomics on monday mornings...
because i just had a fit at my desk. I made squealing noises and actually had problems breathing. i have to say, there are a lot of good webcomics out there. But none of them has this effect on me, seriously now. You have created something wondrous and beautiful :)
Oh PLEASE Louis don't disappoint me baby ;_; way i see it we have 2 options here. eithere he's going to do something really asshole like or he's going to kiss the hell outta him.
I'm so torn between the sheer cuteness and the need for a kiss that I officially died just now. Thanks for that <_<
(jk, i love u <3)
I am literally trembling here D: oh please don't let anything bad happen. But i have the feeling...AAAHHHH no I can't say it! *runs around in circles and screams*
I'm just so glad about the other readers here who evidently feel the same as me but are too wound up to express it in fully coherent speech xD
March 24th, 2016
Oh! Is he looking fabulous and super handsome? :D Show me! Paul lost his breath ^^
May 29th, 2015
Yay, so glad you're back! ^^
But I'm super lazy as well, I can relate :D
But I'm excited for the story now, I really love the plot. The hot angry neighbour thing is amazing ;)
omg this is so perfect! I love this comic from the bottom of my heart :)))
In fact, Louis and I are in a quite similar situtaion at the moment and YES! I use these lines xD
@JesBelle: haha that makes two of us now :D
Oh I love comics with music to accompany it! Would be great if you would put the songs from your head in the comments :)

Although I'm pretty sure I will be crying if you do that. This page for example is enough as it is. I'm already on the verge of crying ;_;

Unfortunately I'm at work now, buti will check out the playlist later for sure!

I somehow feel like I'm Jason right now, and i have that undexplicable urge to cry and just melt right into that hug.
Yes, I still want El to just go away, but there's so much...desire. It really hurts to look at that :(
September 27th, 2014
Thank you so much! You made my day with that aphrodisiac mushroom xD
Just HAVE to fangirl!
I'm not in for deep and thoughtful comments today, so...

OMFG those two are so friggin' cute and Lon is just Prince Charming and perfect and aawwwww :3
Go away El!

Yes. I feel better now!
September 5th, 2014
Oho?! Connichi?
Da schau ich doch glatt mal vorbei (wenn ich noch nicht alles für Plüschalpakas ausgegeben hab)!