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I like stuff.
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Utterly and totally -_-
In response to the mouse-over text: Both
Uh, it says file does not exist?
Aint that the truth -_-
Shush ;) Don't tell anyone ^^
Hmm, that's true ^^
You really should sell this as a manga/graphic novel
@Major Session
What book was it?
Hey, at least they did something different, right?
Ah. It's always things like this that make you appreciate all the time and effort put into this brilliant comic
Atta boy Hook! Shoot him where it hurts!
Compromisation is good
Uh, you're welcome?
Could you give a hint as to what comic? Pretty please dressed up in bows with no cherries on top?
Okay then ^^ You must've fixed it by the time I came around. Sorry for being late ^^'
That's why you get a compact one ;)
No problems ^^ Hope you enjoyed them :D