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    Erik Malkavian
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Awesome Creativity
Really enjoy and appreciate the work you have done to bring Mage the awakening to life in the amazing Webcomic. Thank you.
Can't Wait
Got to "Curio" part and was forwarding and....its at the end...drats :(

Can't WAIT to read more and thank guyz!!
Very Impressed by this Excellent Webcomic of Mage the Ascension.

Thank you very much and I shared this on my facebook page for a RPG group for Vampire the Masquerade to spread the word!
Nice work
Good work on this. One thing that I would like is auto-play, instead of mouse clicking each time.
Good Work
Thank you for creating this great World of Darkness Webnovel/Comic.

I found your link on and though I hoped it would be for Vampire the masquerade (Since they were in boxes i.e. coffins) but looking forward to reading more.

In my madness,

Erik Malkavian