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wait why does she have her medallion on now??
Can I borrow that gun some time
I wish I had a gun that shot hovering bullets
stop lying Clarence you will on;y make things worse in the end
wait that was all the prologue????
Because is over 9000!!
I can not read that at all
he is turning into a wraith
rp chat
I wish people would go to the roll playing chat more often it is boring with only 1 person

I am there from 10:00- 11:30 AM EST

I would be fun to see people there
shut up person I definitely don't know in real life.
I think when they find out it will be too late
I see a lot of potential in this comic
when I saw Bram I saw this
bec2084c2f4cd6837c978d16138bad52dec10d49f548cd67ba/alex-louis-armstrong-1483-1- jpg.jpg

(from Full metal Alchemist)
I have a good quote
"that's not unsettling at all"
when Dave possesses max

and Dave's imitations on the Wraith
Bram- sparkle
I have nightmares about this comic last night
Fighting enforcers was fun until I died
It's candy's long lost sister
your art is amazing
I just started two days ago and I love it. This is the only comic I have read where I feel sorry of the characters.
I have not been this exited for a comic update sense I started reading Spell Cross

also I love Clarence in the first panel.