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What will befall our heroes now! New comic up next Monday.
Hey all, I only got 3 votes, and other people suggested summon too so I did a summon. He summoned an army of chickens. BONUS POINTS if you know the reference!

I used sprites so this is now a sprite comic.

New comic up next week Monday.
Such a good person!
I need to do more volunteering too!
Okay friends, what the Chickobo will do next depends ON YOU!!! Choose one of the options in the menu and let me know in the comments. The top vote will inform his attack! Will he peck, cluck, lay an egg, summon (WHAT MIGHT A CHICKEN SUMMON?!?), or fly away? THE CHOICE IS YOURS. I might even be open to a different option - that's how awesome I am!

I'll make a new comic based on the top choice as soon as I get at least 5 votes.

Holler at you later!
We want moar!
Hey all! I hope you like the comic. Most people I showed it to didn't get it. HAHA I'm a failure!

Also, on Wednesday (God willing), I will have another comic that will ask my readers how the battle should progress - a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE comic, if you will (IT IS AN RPG, AFTER ALL!). LOL TTYL.
Those are some elegant lines.
Hey all! I made animation in this comic because I thought it might convince skeptics to become Christian. LOL Not really but maybe! I wonder what the Magical Lust Fairy is going to summon. Come back on Monday to find out (you'll never guess in a million years!).

Also, next week Wednesday there will be a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE comic that will ask my readership (ALL 3 OF YOU) to CHOOSE what should happen next. IF THAT ISN'T AN AWESOME GIMMICK I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS, AMIRITE?!
The Magical Lust Fairy attacks the Christian heroes. What will befall our friends? Hopefully, they will not be tempted by the desires of the flesh! Tune in next time as the exciting battle rages onward!
The Battle Ensues!
Next comic Friday! If you like my comic please favorite it and give me high scores.
Awesome comic. I dig it.
Where is the comics??!
Hey Man I make Jesus comics too you should read mine if you rate mine high I will rate yours hight too okay?!
This comic is subtle and genius.
First Comic
I decided to make a comic about a Christian RPG because I love Christians and I love RPGs.

Also please give me high ratingss and like my comic on Facebook so others no how to witness thanks!