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@CutieSchoolBoy: thank you so much for reading!
<---- This was a two part update! Click back to see the final page!

Almost three years later, almost 200 pages later, and we've finally made it to the end.

I started Deadtree House when I was on leave from art school due to bad health. I only intended it to be a short story, to give me something to do until I was well enough to go back to school. As it turns out, I never did go back, and this comic ended up being my art school. For better or for worse, everything I know about making comics, I learned by working on Deadtree House. Looking back at it now, there's so much I would do differently, and I can't exactly say I'm proud of those old pages.

But I am proud of how much I've improved over the years thanks to this comic. Now I'm ready to take those skills I've learned somewhere new.

You can find me on tumblr and twitter, still doodling away!

To everyone who has followed this comic these last three years, your support means the world to me. I hope to see you again someday. Thank you.
bye kiddos
there's only two pages left to go now and I'm feeling sentimental, so I put up a playlist of the songs that helped inspire deadtree house (both before and during!) that can be found here

next week: one last ride!
daphne's back to her normal self...unfortunately for will
i just really love old timey dancing guys
@ashtree-house: Welcome back! things are drawing to a close here, so it's actually the perfect time to reread lol
little brothers, amirite?
right there with ya, peter
isobel's on vacation, will.
time to partay
pre-curse daphne and gregory have actually met in passing like, six times
gregory has no idea what's been happening for about 15 pages now
sorry to miss last week-the holidays set me back a little more than i was anticipating
thank you for all of your support.

new pages will resume after new years-see you then!
@peachtin11: thank you so much! this page was a toughie so that means a lot!
@CutieSchoolBoy: lol me too!
dead no more
here we go