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Take away the red eye and injection point, she might've been...Attractive. I like the grey/blonde mane.
February 13th, 2019
Hey hey hey, It's "Eat the rich", Not "Devour the poor"!

No wonder the black market thrives on this.
@Candy2021: You've kept this building up until you had to cum out with that pun.

Bravo for that stamina!
Should've just accepted the plagiarized version.
storey to stories
Omaarcana, I'm screamin' AAAAHAHAH
She's the pup in this relationship.
@Hero of Comedy: If they don't I'll be robbed of cute shite'
December 19th, 2018
"Why am I so dumb?!" Relateable buuut, break the fourth wall abit.. cough.
The fact that he would spend more time on her to prevent her from spending time on the holidays til the last minute is an admirable effort.
@RazorD9: Really gets his engines running.
We had the kid who went to college, now the chef heading home. At least they live on their lives.
The fact that warren still has expectations for her is so sweet!
@...: He probably found himself in 'er piece.
Mana's costume is fitting, that's what she would've multiplied into if warren took off the mask
I wouldn't leave shiekah but, uh, you put a bit of purpose behind my actions and I'd be rushin' off to save the world too.
Guess they got their fair share of nuts.
September 20th, 2018
The odd thing is, Orca and the old coot have the potential to die, but I'd be just fine if gator gal 'ere would be a side-character and lives.
Well. If Bloody roar ever comes back; The cap'n here already has an OC.