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That's it, the whole point of this comment, pointing out a pun.
There's usually third times the charm.

But here's third times the harm.
The one time I actually beg for the censors.
I'm fine with them in general and they don't take away from the comic, but this.. ugggh, this, urrgh.. Nah ah, Censor them titties.
You'd think she would have her living quarters literally sexproofed by now.
@OmegaVortex: Thank you for your contribution as it made the joke better and made me smile!
The only time I play longer than necessary is when I'm after the #1 spot, once. Once I do and just get my reward for that season, I play occasionally. BR games only ever have that one goal, once you do it, interest dies down til next time.
@evilnidhogg: It's izzy..

Nothing more to add, just.. It's izzy.
She'd be dead before she even gets half-way to warren's core.
Bloody hell she's becoming a regular. And I'm not against that.
Noticed Carbon Copy was there so I'm currently reading it!
@Batlord22: In the world of webcomics, fast. In reality, 30 minutes.
...Keaton's about to have a tragedy, ain't she?
@BIGEggman: You can also share the comic around, patreon is just one of the ways to support the artist but there are plenty more!
She said it without a second thought, and I think the poor kid heard it.
Their first mistake is messing with a socialpath on a bad day.
@ninjaxxxrecon: Be gentle, he's still hasn't recovered from being tied up in that chair.
If we're going by yaoi/BL terms here? Max is definitely the bottom in this relationship.
This gave me the biggest grin, aaaah I love how cute this is!
Don't you just love it when you set yourself up for a trap?~

To be fair, she had that coming.
This is the scariest thing I've seen yet, and it's not even a horror comic.