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Good on him, last he needs is more than a busted deku nut.
@hope: Nah, in subparagraph N1C3 of the bro code. The exception to this rule is if there's an established mate of the initial ball toucher for more than 10-15 comic appearances. Bro cannot wed or alternatively in Sub-subparagraph B4115, They can have a three-way wedding.
Lots of twists and turns, rises and falls but the "Awww"-drenaline brings 'ya back for more!

Wonderful chapter and lookin' forward to the next one!
December 9th, 2017
...If chocly busted an almond, would it be white chocolate or dark?
He's like a grown pupper, deserves all the cuddles and headpats!
December 4th, 2017
Why did I get a 300 flashback from the fourth panel?
Dang you cities, gimmie back my heart!
Just Mana..ika.
Bye! take care!
@Daz Keaty: Well I just draw them, I'm still working on crafting but yes, it helps me cope.
As a person who loves making santa hats out of different themes, this hurts my soul.
If anything about reading up about bar mitzvahs have taught me, this is not how you lift up the guest of honor.

Well, she did want some wood.
@ninjaxxxrecon: *Agreeing, tossing the lit stick aside before igniting another under the suggested fluids.* Better.
*Dipping a stick in oil.*
Yeah, that's understandable.
*Igniting said stick*
But other Mario games haven't had much of the issue that you present.
Why did I misread that as "Kitty pre- JUICE"?
Better to give them an ear to listen than a foot in the arse. Goes a long way. Opinions may not change but hey, at least you listened.
November 8th, 2017
Comin' from 'er. A beating has more variations than needed.
@Guest: If you had loved this story, you'd respectfully wait for it and let cap'n post at their on pace. Don't get spoiled now.
If she breaks a masters rule, would that be sybil disobedience?