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Why must you create such cute side characters? Now I just those four gals be part of the occasional daily lives.
@Guest: Bullet wound location.
I already have the legendary edition on my PS3. I'm good with that.
AS Seen on Gamer Cafe, The Roomie! Perfect for recalling hangovers!
@ninjaxxxrecon: Well, Yeah? Shenmue was released in 1999 where dragon's lair was in 1983. I guess because it was on a console, it'd be the father to console QTE's.

Where Dragon's Lair was an interactive movie but its main focus was the reaction based on the flashing light. So, Arcade QTE. I guess.
@ninjaxxxrecon: I'd blame dragons lair.
@JJic: I can't be blamed for this! I just guessed it!
I did not expect to get that right. I'm a little happy but also terribly sad about what happened.
For fucks sake, if she's the person that got whale semen poured onto her early in the comic. That'll be the biggest twist I've seen yet.
Well, I wasn't feeling giddy, but I felt geddy, with my wings, rough, 1000 times.
@RazorD9: Well he's still two-faced.
Well, she's useful in one way, providing company.
@Travelingpooch: Your icon is too fitting. : D
Hashim and Noah are true bros. Well, actually almost everyone in izzy's circle are a wonderfull set of loyals. Now, if noah can whip out his dick and go full rod, there will be pleasure/death.
Not honestly surprised.. Something is sticking out in my mind for some reason.
Warren has a choice, Fight them off and get arrested, ruining his position at the only place that accepted him or

Give a warning, and continue being harassed while eventually risking those he cares about, even his co-workers(Even if warren doesn't get along with them greatly, he tolerates them, which says alot)
@ninjaxxxrecon: *Loads up grande launcher with spicy poke-beans* :3c
@RazorD9: Why must you be such a boob aboob(about) tits(this)?
Innocent in the streets, as they say.
Would hug the both of you and tell you to go to bed. Be a sleeper guard and shite.