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@Hero of Comedy: Well I deleted it then.
@slaybay: Can't tell if that was sarcasm. Though, I didn't specify the character names so..
The alien is a good space boi and I'll eat all the muffins!
Thank you for the chapter, lookin' forward to the next time when you have the chance to start it!
Was it worth it, dazzy?
Was it worth it?

Because I think it was adorable and worth it!
October 3rd, 2017
Did he deny that he gave her the "Dicking" at least?
That's the face of a gal who got betrayed.
September 25th, 2017
There's already a redemption arc for the captain and that cannon of his.
Toss an I and a C and Mana just went Maniac.
I'd ship it if she wasn't a villain.
Don't lose your shit yet, Not yet! Although I on the other hand, will. BWAHAHAHAA!
Is it odd that I want Aoife as one of the characters? Then again, makes me wonder what hair color she can pull off. She's like Warren so... maroon?
The way she uses her phone is so convenient.
Mana, you ditzy ditzy kitten.
Panel 3 equipt => equipped

Thank you dazzy for the comic, lookin' forward to how the insanity ensues.
Coffee gal won, didn't she?
September 10th, 2017
I guess during sex he can really give a payload.
September 4th, 2017
That's nice, he finally gets some sleep, and a well-deserved one no less!
That pussy got wet lol.

No, but seriously, seein' the chef get teary over this is quite heartbreaking.
And suddenly, Jojo vibes on last panel.