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That's incompatable shipping in a nutshell.
@Daz Keaty: An aggro'd giant chicken.. Hope to never meet one in my lifetime.
Aggro, Shadow of the colossus reference?
When you realize one of 'em is gonna' get sick as hell but was worth it for that one moment.
@WriterRaven: Well, the WiiU most likely will get cut due to productions being ceased. 3/2DS have better longevity.
@Daz Keaty: No no, I was referring to this; "Nintendo will be charging to play games online in 2018." But this only affects the Nintendo switch. 3DS,2DS, and WiiU would remain unchanged by this.
To clarify on that comment of yours. only games on switch will be charged to play online.
@slaybay: It would cost him the other ear tip.
Woof, Now I see how ruff you had it with her waggin' tail.
"Should I ride a pillow?"
Or you could ride him.. *Cough* Who said that?
My mind is telling me no, But my body is telling me yess!
Why must you create such cute side characters? Now I just those four gals be part of the occasional daily lives.
@Guest: Bullet wound location.
I already have the legendary edition on my PS3. I'm good with that.
AS Seen on Gamer Cafe, The Roomie! Perfect for recalling hangovers!
@ninjaxxxrecon: Well, Yeah? Shenmue was released in 1999 where dragon's lair was in 1983. I guess because it was on a console, it'd be the father to console QTE's.

Where Dragon's Lair was an interactive movie but its main focus was the reaction based on the flashing light. So, Arcade QTE. I guess.
@ninjaxxxrecon: I'd blame dragons lair.
@JJic: I can't be blamed for this! I just guessed it!
I did not expect to get that right. I'm a little happy but also terribly sad about what happened.