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@NekoMemo: Mana-tabolism?
If it's anything like the whale semen, Foreshadowing.
@princessprt: Did it? Must've slipped my mind.
One day Mana's gonna turn into a warren for like 2 panels and warren will walk in like "I'm so F#cking proud"
@Guest: What belle did lead to herpes(which is a lie) In this case, the victims might get Sybilis.
@DoctorGlasgow: Ah, alright. Such an obscure word to me that I thought it was a typo. Sorry!
Last bubble I presume would be "fatigue"
Hiccups, They bounce all fear out of your system.
I mean, In link's defense; It wasn't douchebags.

Just douchebones.
Poor kid's gonna be eaten alive before his first paycheck.
First she'll wipe the board, then him.
@ninjaxxxrecon: The young mana "Don't feel so good's away"
@RazorD9: Tell the Feds they owe me two bucks for the info. That muffin of yours ratted you out.
Licked near the taint, the impact causes the faint. -Jinx 3:40

As in I wrote this at 3:40 am... I need to sleep.
Take away the red eye and injection point, she might've been...Attractive. I like the grey/blonde mane.
February 13th, 2019
Hey hey hey, It's "Eat the rich", Not "Devour the poor"!

No wonder the black market thrives on this.
@Candy2021: You've kept this building up until you had to cum out with that pun.

Bravo for that stamina!
Should've just accepted the plagiarized version.
storey to stories
Omaarcana, I'm screamin' AAAAHAHAH