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She said it without a second thought, and I think the poor kid heard it.
Their first mistake is messing with a socialpath on a bad day.
@ninjaxxxrecon: Be gentle, he's still hasn't recovered from being tied up in that chair.
If we're going by yaoi/BL terms here? Max is definitely the bottom in this relationship.
This gave me the biggest grin, aaaah I love how cute this is!
Don't you just love it when you set yourself up for a trap?~

To be fair, she had that coming.
This is the scariest thing I've seen yet, and it's not even a horror comic.
Himezombie Just Hi-made a terrible mistake.
He' gonna need some pointers from the teach at this rate, she may spare a few.
I know love is blind and all but she should really wash that eye before she loses sight of it.
I apologize for the future puns that will be made in this comic.

"Now that's quite the mouthful."
Ok, I'm obviously reading too deep into this but a guess is still that anyway;

Seems the Cap'n here had a blanket goal, eliminate all the fish gals in hopes of taking that specific one down, first he had to claim proof of their existence from a memory of his past, whether it was a traumatic one or not is up to debate, but his anger leans into the former.

Though the question remains, What's Fishlynn's(?) goal? What did noah had to do with this? At least story-wise, Orca and the crew had their comeuppance but we've only seen them on a bright side and things aren't as bubbled up to be.

Will more sex come in the future? Who knows? Don't bust that nut yet, we'll be back after the following day!
Al For effort.
*In a quiet theatrical set, the floorboards luminescent from the gentle glow of the spotlight above, a lone figure stands in it's presence as he coughed partially before resting a hand over his chest and reached outward, taking a short breath into releasing his thoughts w/ imitation to opera singing.*


*And with a bow, he immediately screamed in horror as he sprinted out to his left.*
It bugs me how I didn't notice his design would lead to such hell. And I think that's honestly my favorite thing about this comic so far. You can never predict a character's actions just by their appearance.

Bravo doc, Bravo!
@ninjaxxxrecon: The words scrolling horizontally, mana's right eye twitching before the panel glitches into a blood soaked writing saying "Filthy... FILTHY.... F I L T H Y! ! !"
I feel a connection with richie here, the things I had to scrub off plates and the like is like war tales for my hands.
We're all cap'n snooze.

As for the fourth wall breaking moment of being brought into sexual ordeals, Mmmmmmmmmmm Nope.
There's Thicc
Then there's Thick.
Mana can somehow fill both holes.
The fuck? Did the pet store have a planet of the apes ordeal and the doves flew out?