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Essie wants the Ds : dinner and a dick
November 7th, 2018
aha same
well, love your new icon
Aww he's happyyyy
i love them
November 19th, 2017
aaah it's so interesting ! I really ant to know what's going to happen, if it's going to break their friendship or not
October 16th, 2017
@Jazmin Zombie: Yeah!!
October 10th, 2017
I very much do agree with him
Do you...
do you shave? I never saw you with stubble
Oh wow he has lived
He's going to catch a cold.
here they go
im almost sure they won't regret their life choices
He's so smol! And yet so forward like wow ok dude
also means that his cheap white costume is gonna get transparent oopsie
Have a nice time at the wedding!
I feel Harvey, so much
I like that there is an actual angel, witch and devil at an halloween party
Awwww so that's the guy from the beginning! I had totally forgotten
Also yeah, them butt
I hope Cute Vampire will keep Magikarp Boy in check, I'm afraid he's going to be annoying when drunk