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comic author from Chile
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2019 será el año de LEDA
Y duró casi 4 meses XD
I'm back! And I have an Instagram:
¡He vuelto! Y ahora tengo Instagram:
Previously on BLADE OF THE FREAK:
Previously on BLADE OF THE FREAK:
Previously on BLADE OF THE FREAK:
gotta bring that back
Previously on BLADE OF THE FREAK:
Previously on BLADE OF THE FREAK:
Hope you enjoy it! :D
Hello friends, this is going to be the updating schedule starting this week. I will be releasing pages on mondays in a 3 week cycle, starting by the week of June 13th and so on.

For the last 12 months I’ve been redrawing BLADE OF THE FREAK and it has been pretty successful, but there’s still a lot to improve. That’s why I have decided to dedicate the following 12 months to work on the weakest aspect which is the art, specifically the characters and human anatomy. Because of this, right now I can only offer two pages a week. This will be under a constant evaluation and changes, the closest goal being of course to reach three pages a week so you can enjoy each series weekly.

Even so I’m aware that a page a week is too little for this kind of comic, so I hope readers can put up with it and support me while I’m going through this stage. I know to the fans of the saga this might not be important and you would rather for me to move on with the story and have several pages a week, and frankly I’d prefer that too; but I’m doing this to improve as an author and reach a bigger audience, which in the long run will bring good things for the followers of my works.

By the way it’s important to consider that updates for BROWNSPEED and the BLADE OF THE FREAK remake will be on Tapastic. I will release pages here with a week delay. The links for Tapastic are:


Needless to say I’ll appreciate if you become fans on Tapastic. Soon there will be new extra stuff for fans.

Thanks for reading and may the Schwartz be with you!
Tea time's over
Don't try this at home, kids!
Thanks WellyCollins! I'm redrawing the comic on Tapastic, check it out:
Become fans on Tapastic and enjoy chapter 061: Magic
Hello Descendants of Lode, I'm uploading BLADE OF THE FREAK on Tapastic, starting from chapter 1 and redrawing the pages to see if I attract more readers. But soon there will be news, most likely I will make a Patreon for BLADE OF THE FREAK and my other comics. is a website where you can donate money to artists to support them and get benefits as donators.

In my Patreon account I'll continue with the comic where I left (right now I'm drawing chapters 61 and 62), aswell as redrawing the old chapters.

For the time being you can help me by becoming fans on Tapastic, if you don't have an account you can create one easily. Also, I'm going to offer stuff to those who create Tapastic accounts and become fans (like previews and new chapters , starting by chapter 61).

By the way I'm uploading the redrawn pages here in Smackjeeves, so you can check them out.

So that's it, check out my Tapastic page which is:

I leave you with the titles of the next 3 chapters:

61: Magic
62: The sword that must not be unsheathed
63: Graduation present

See ya in the future!
@neostar8710: LOL thats quite unfunctional
March 16th, 2012
good job with that grass my friend