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I... I like Pokemon. Yeah.
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Dude, you're, like, a total boss.
@Squal: oh no, that's literally the plot of my fanfiction!
This is pretty much me in Nuzlockes. I catch every single mon that I encounter on a new place, but I never want to leave anyone out so I try to use my whole box equally.
Fish, I can't believe you're still a Magikarp!
Do I even need to say "you well deserved it"? Congratulations!
When the godly figure flies away and you see a flashy light, it means the Dragon Ball is just stone now. Useless.
Every time you upload a new page, I can't believe how good you've gotten.
Dude, coooool. I really like this worldbuilding.
Jutopa's Nuzlocke: Pokémon fun for the whole family.
Those fucking faces, it cracks me up man. That alone is so good it's an art on its own.
@DaRip74: it is. That's why this Golquack is saying "quack", of course.
People should learn to take very seriously what old wise men with japanese clothes say.
Was making these pages in time for Halloween part of your plan?
And suddenly, George.
This is one of the best nuzlocke panels ever.
I wonder if the fabulous prize is that earring.
@Tijopi11: I forgot about the fact that Atty doesn't know about Team Rocket's evil plans, you're right about that. This will only make it more interesting.