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I'm a wanna-be-novelist who spends most of her time immersed inside her own head creating stories and I'm completely obsessed with character development.

Please enjoy my stories :3
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And that's it for today guys~
1 more page to come!
More pages to come!
I honestly love these two <3 I hope you will too as the story progresses!

I hope you guys can help us. If you canĀ“t that's okay, we love you anyways! <3

We'll just leave this page here so we don't have to keep yapping about our Patreon on each update.
NEXT UPDATE: SUN 07/31/2016
I hoped you enjoyed this new update system ^w^
He's such a cutie <3
2 more pages on the way!
Hello! So we've decided a new update system: We'll be updating from 2 to 4 pages every month at the end of the month. This update us a 4 page update so stay tuned for the other 3 pages <3
June 28th, 2016
June 28th, 2016
Sebastian is so precious. He must be protected.
June 28th, 2016
These two make my heart sing... more to come in a few minutes!
Things are getting really interesting over at Patreon!
The story is getting further and further away and you shouldn't be missing it (:

Please support us and you'll get access to updates TWICE a week! Just 1 dollar and you're good to go!
30 new updates waiting for you!
Check out our Patreon page where there are 30 other updates waiting for you! If you support us on Patreon you'll have the old two pages a week instead of a monthly page!!

If pledges are met you'll get awesome exclusive content and multiple updates a week as well [we can even reach one update per day]

...So definitely swing by!!
@OHHHHHH: she was never wearing glasses on this scene :3

There you go! Thank you so sooo much!!!
@Dragonrider: No, there's still going to be updates but like we've been doing: one page per month. But we're already on the next chapter over at Patreon so like... we'll take forever to finish this current chapter here. So if you're impatient and have a dollar to spare please support us so we don't have to drop the project all together ):
Guys! If you've got a dollar to spare, please swing by our Patreon page! It makes me really sad not to see any of you guys over there, when you've been the most supportive out of any of our readers...

We update 2 pages EVERY WEEK without a fail, so that dollar wouldn't go to waste. We really need the help, otherwise we wouldn't be charging you guys ):

Plus, things are getting progressively interesting over there ;)

Hope to see you over at Patreon!

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