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It seems Bull takes the term "brother in arms" very literally.
I see you get my point @zenat. Sol'Harel is a trickster and i am (big surprise) someone who like tricksters, but i guess his own trickery is tricking the old trickster. And even if his plans doesn't fail: What if some elves somewhere are going to repeat the misdeeds of the false elven gods?

Also i am afraid Merrill might join Sol'Harel's forces. I don't want to kill her .___.
Exactly, like Briala, Celene and Cole.

And since Imshael is a Desire Demon it makes my Inquisitor a quite narcissitic douchebag, i guess.
My Inquisitor had an twin of his own in the main game: Imshael. My first thought was: Damn, the game is messing with my brain D:
Imo the best DLC of the DA franchise. Also this DLC gave my theory about the Fen'Harel & Mythal pairing (had it somewhere in early 2015) a push in the right direction.

But: is it just me or is Sol'Harel quite arrogant? "Yes, my plans regarding Corypheus failed, but there is noooooo way my plans regarding the restoration of the elven kingdom may fail"
This reminds me on one banter between Sera and Cassandra (about punching bears) :D
So, the game would be renamed Assassin Zenat. :D

I personally would personally would enter the world of Deadpool The Game. I would probably ending up mutilate myself while experimenting with the healing factor and would losing my head literally.
Somehow, that remind me on a pants-related quest in DA2. And the awkward moment, when i found some pants on a skeleton in the dungeon of the chateau.
Well i guess it counts.

All you have to know about Deadpool in the scene with the helicopter: A lot of senseless violence, 'dumb' jokes and a orgy of destruction.
After my guest-comment seems to be lost (evil pc), here the same again in short:

Because its technically possible, but i dont think Bioware wants to annoy the Qunari-Fanbase.

Maybe it's a little bit cruel, but well; my Hawke made Sebastian cry, make Anders siding with the templar-order of Kirkwall, annoys Aveline while helping her(not necessarily in that order). Well he is some kind of antihero with a big piece of douchebag(or Douchawke, just as you prefer).

To you & Crusader Kings 2: If i would imaging it similar to a helicopter hijacking Deadpool, would i be near to the truth? Well except the missing helicopter and the weapons.
Additional to my comment as guest:

You are right. The plot and characters are a little bit like vanilla ice. 3 minutes on top and you know nearly everything about the characters.