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Daz Keaty
100% Mother f*cking Irish.
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The Demo was pretty good. But, knowing Resident Evil's track record, it'll be scary for the first couple hours before you get a ridiculously powerful arson to start shooting poo-monsters.

And of course we're not going to see THAT in the Demo, are we?

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Sick as a dog.
A lot of the dialog in this page is the main reason I wanted to make this story arc as Chapter 2 - this is all something I wanted to establish as soon as possible.
Consider collateral damage to your neighbouring wildlife during your sparing matching with demons.
Lets not put a hole in the side of the base. It's only Chapter 2, afterall.
You ever been so mad you ripped a tree out by the roots and threw it at a mother fucker?
I'm sure Spindel will take that professionally with a good, positive, sportsmanship attitude.
Tried quite a few different formats and experiments with this page. The original image I had in my mind wasting working, and quite a few edits there after also weren't clicking either. There was a couple of occasions where I thought bout going back anf reworking this page, but I can't think of another way than it is.
A playful little rumble~.
Something of an important page to the comic regarding the future of Carbon Copy. No reason why~.