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If I manage to get up early tomorrow (the 23rd) I'll try make a comic for the 12pm GMT slot.
Otherwise, delayed till tomorrow.
@JinxazuMarai: I have trouble remembering half of this shit myself. :P
@ninjaxxxrecon @JinxazuMarai:
Dafuq are Fruit gushers?
Yeah s'good. I mean whatever...
Not going to gush about it or anything...

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@Stanger7: Everything is made of lines, dots, and greyscale colors.
Lewdest page of Gamer Cafe?
Yeah, lewdest page of Gamer Cafe~.

I am rather proud of how panel 1 turned out.

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<h6>It's awesome. </h6>
I played and Beat Sonic Mania, and It's amazing. But there was a lot of judgemental eyes on this game and people hoping it revives the sonic franchise.

I'll go more in depth about Sonic Mania on Monday. I have a 600th page to prepare for~.

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<h6>I made dis gif c: </h6>

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@ninjaxxxrecon: Derryl Disapproves.
But I still liked it.

Got to play a little bit of Arms at a friends on Saturday. Really fun game, the motion controls were probably the most responsive I've ever seen them. There was three of us and it was kind of crazy.

I'll eventually get it, but I've heard it has the same online problems that Splatoon has.

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@MetaFawful: The biggest problem with that is in Step 1 - "app on your smart device".
The game is like 10% super fun, 90% this kind of bullshit.

REEEEALLY trying to like this game.

REAAAAAAALLY want to say good things about it...

<h1>REALLY TRYING. >:I </h1>
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@troblsomtwins829: Thine legion would be unstoppable! o.o
So I heard you can get eggs if you attack Cuccos.
So I attacked one and it gave me an egg.
I thought 'Cool, free eggs!'
Attacked it a few more times.
And as soon as that chicken turned on me, I remembered.

Rule #1 of Zelda games.
<h6>Don't fuck with Cucoos. TuT</h6>

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I spent like an hour and a half trying to re-write this page to add a joke in the end and couldn't come up with anything. So here's 4 panels of opinion, I guess.

If there was ANY game to give Link a personality and a character, I feel like this was the one that needed it the most. The way NPCs and people just TELL you how great you are and how much you mean to them, as Link looks back with a blank expression, really takes me out of a lot of emotional moments.

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@slaybay: TEAM CURRY.
@keeby rulez: <img src="http://i.imgur.com/a5MDUQW.jpg">
I wonder if this is just the localization team being twats or if the original Japanese version is just as cringingly White. It IS made by middle aged japanese men, so I'd believe either way.

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@JinxazuMarai: Yeap. I've always named my horse Aggro in any game that let me name them.

My Chocobo in FF14 was Aggro too.
Hey guys, did you know horses can die?
<h1>I FUCKING DIDN'T. </h1>

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Ha, we posted at the same time
@MetaFawful: 20 a year isn't too bad, especially considering they're going to be giving out a free classic game every month.

I'd still like better online experiences with games, though.