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Bleach and Cloth
Just check out my comics to find out what I am into.
BRP (Beware Ramadan Pounds) my Muslim peeps ;) Don't treat every evening like a Thanksgiving meal, otherwise I might not recognize ya the next time I see ya :P Happy Ramadan :)

'Cosplay weight plan' comment is reference to a series of Eid al-Fitr strips I did in 2013.
Made in response to this classic fav of mines
Got idea from #11
Damn that sucks. I can relate since I had a fire in my apt not too long ago (wasn't as bad as in your strip through). They seem laid back about it but fits their personalities through.
Don't do any strips with new sprites for forever and than I do this one with four new sprites out of the blue.
A wicked witch's child with healing powers and an unlucky white cat. Talk about weird!
I think I am gonna let these two bounce off of each other for a while, kind of like I did with the very first strips with Bleach and Cloth.
Another I can't believe I hadn't done this already strip.
Follow up to this strip
While at a Bhangra Dance competition at a Punjabi Mela on 4/19/2014 this thought occurred to me.
After Samathou on dA decided to be captain obvious in regard to this strip 31. I decided to own up to their comment and got the above conversation with the girls... ^^
Don't forget the eyes on the legs.
Not sure about that white line in the upper right corner of the second panel but otherwise seems good.
@HarpoPolo: You are welcome. Both the reasons for slow pace you stated I think are good ones. However, I think slow pace stories lend themselves to appreciating the visuals more regardless of storytelling medium. So it all balances out ;)

Sometimes working with time constraints, as well as technical limitations is a good thing. It is easy to overwork characters and visuals, put too much of the writer and not enough of the characters into things. My more serious project I am starting on is based on the same characters in my veryyy casual comic strip. While the later doesn't push me much, in that I am not doing the most visual and literary finest I can produce, it does push me in that I have to give into the flow limited space (2 panel strips per strip), limited tools for execution (just laptop touch mouse pad), and time. In other words I have to deal with limitations just like in the real world. I feel if I have had allowed myself to draw and write the characters however I wanted from the get go, they wouldn't be as quirky as I gotten to know em and be more moody little shits I made them. In other words, working with time and tool restraints make your characters be more like living things that push and rebel against you, rather than just playthings of their creators all the time.
Do people realize how stupid they sound when they say the victim's clothing makes them a victim not their victimizer? Are such people totally null of any commonsense and intelligence?

Probably the one and only time I shall address this aspect of Bleach and Cloth in the comic strip. However, as I am starting to work on a more serious project that details the establishing of their friendship hence being a big part of the story, I wanted to address it in the comic strip as well.

Btw Cloth just looks so sad to me in this strip when she faces the viewer. Bleach I never really like how she looks from the front but I felt the strip require me to get over that grievance.
Good call on not revealing the ghost is a ghost 110% right away.
Slow pace but I like it. I saw this panel first so I thought (initially) this gets a lot more painterly as it goes along. After reading it I think it isn't as sharp difference as I initially saw it. JUst that the 'curtain fall' on this last page of part one is so painterly LoL.