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September 1st, 2010
I'm also one of the many, many people who're glad this is updating again. XD
all right, so I did forget about this comic this time
happy monday
Cam's not necessarily right or wrong about Seth's motives, btw.

The layout of the town and the conflicting architecture is actually plot-relevant and will come up later in the comic. (The explanation itself is v. prosaic; it's only in relation to some other facts that it becomes significant. I'm not going to always mention when things are plot-relevant, though.)

A few more pages and then I'll get to Veriardin and Leliel! Who obvs. have not appeared yet in the comic and who are, actually, my favorite characters in this whole mess. Mostly because they're responsible for a lot of the gore, at least in pt1. *u* That will have to wait until c2, though.

EDIT: Going to just edit existing author comment w/ replies from now on; it's easier.

<span class="replies">REPLIES</span>

@angoshou: Thanks. c:
How could I possibly resist guro, especially combined with your art. 8D
@LaEstrellita: The phrase is usually translated "The more things change, the more they stay the same." <small>(That's not a literal translation.)</small>
my hand kind of hurts
I replaced the old cover because I felt like it didn't quite match the comic in terms of mood. I can't help but be somewhat sarcastic about the characters, but it does get pretty grim eventually, and since a large part of the design is in B&W . . .
@otakulys: Yeah, I don't have anything against all the romance/smut (otherwise why would I be drawing a BL comic XD . . . though romance/smut tends to bore me without some other kind of plot), but most times I'd rather create non-romance stories since that's what I prefer to write/read. And LGBTQ people should be in non-romance stories as well. :\

Although frankly whether or not there are LGBTQ characters in my comics, I'd say "fuck off homophobes" anyway. 8D
wow this page is drowning in textures
Elliot isn't as much of a ditzy insensitive jackass as he appears to be, just sayin'. You'll find out later if I get that far with this comic. 8I
@irys_rocker_thornz: Sadly, the ass-kicking will have to happen later. :D

@min-i: Glad you like them. c:
no, I didn't forget that this comic exists
Re. the lines — I draw in Corel Painter 11 at high resolution (7.3x10.3" at 600dpi for this comic). That's also why I can scribble the lines in and still have the page look relatively neat.

I livestreamed some of this page, if you want to watch. It's not very interesting, and the video quality is dismal, but I use essentially the same process on my other B&W comics, albeit I just draw more neatly.
I don't really have anything to say. :I I'm tired.
@sunlily: Oh really? He doesn't seem very seme-ish to me in the pages I've posted so far. XD;
raep time
Maybe one day I'll redraw this and the preceding page so they actually make some kind of sense to someone, anyone, including myself. Hey, at least I don't have to try to draw another page without actually looking at it. Not that the pages are any better when I am trying to look at them.

In the meantime, the entirely unintentional juxtaposition of the last two panels amuses me.

<img src=""&g t;

For the sake of the people who would like that, I have to warn you: He isn't.
I hate this failpage SO MUCH, I try not to look at it
Exams killed me (although I've always been pretty dead to begin with), and then after I managed to claw my way out of that grave, I hit the next pages like an egg against a brick wall. A brick wall with spikes all over it.

What's ironic is that if they were using weapons, I'd have a much easier time of it, but I have no idea how to draw fistfights. >:I Fortunately there's only another page of the fight, and once I struggle through that we'll get back to shit I can draw with some semblance of competence. Which would be people standing around and talking, I guess. Even if these pages are disasters, the comic must move on at some point.

Sometimes I feel like my life would be enormously simplified if I could just draw stick figures all the time.

<img src=""&g t;

. . . Replies to comments are on the same page that the comments are on, btw! I wish the comments were nested here like on dA. =_=
lol okay so
Since I don't have enough pain in my life or something —
Here is a sketch comic. An actual sketch comic, as opposed to one that I forget to actually sketch. I'll even be timing myself to make sure I don't spend more than an hour drawing each page, so look forward to painfully bad art.

About the BL thing . . . I don't know how to explain this, because it seems like a lot of comics/novels etc. are either gay romance or not, but this sort of falls in between in that the main character is bi and this is relevant to the characterization/backstory, but not the focus, and the comic isn't at all about romance. (Wow, what a shittastic, convoluted explanation.) I don't have anything against BL (I'm drawing a BL comic :I); I just dislike the way authors usually stuff LGBTQ characters into minor roles or force romance plots on them.

Is there some category for stories that have LGBTQ protagonists but don't focus on that? :\ Maybe it ought to be called the "homophobes fuck off anyway" category.

· There are, however, weird monsters, crazy people, cannibalism, really skeevy group dynamics, UST, lots and lots of badly-drawn carnival masks, gore and violence, and possibly other things I can't recall at this time.

Replaced cover 2010.06.23; old cover if anyone's morbidly interested.
April 28th, 2010
Well. I:
There are going to be a lot of blank black pages in this comic.
@ireland22: Thanks. c: As for the banner, I guess I'll just put everything on it since some people don't read the description or warnings.
sneak is probably not a sfx but idc; also, fuck perspective
Ugh. I: Well, at least after this I can quit trying to draw the boardwalk for a while.
yes, he's going to get in trouble
Debating whether or not to put 'BL' on the comic banner. I'm not sure I want to; while this is BL, and the relationships are actually v. important to the storyline . . . Idk how to explain it well, but this story is rather dark, and isn't really very cutesy or romantic.

On the other hand, I don't want people who hate BL to read this comic by accident and get a bit of a shock when two guys make out or something, and then come crying to me about it.

Actually for that matter, if I warn for BL on the banner I ought to warn for gore too; gore's more upsetting (assuming the reader isn't a homophobe), although there really isn't much in c1. This comic may eventually have to be rated mature for the gore/violence anyway; I'm a bad judge of what level of gore/violence merits what ratings.

EDIT: Also there are apparently 50+ fans now. TY for the +favs. c: