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I'm gonna' continue working on Naga Hyde,but I'm also working on getting a comic published currently. So updates might be a bit slow.

*---> We need 1 more author for "No Plot Goodness".See profile for details.<----*
Tobias; Seke-I want to REMOVE your shirt. >U>

XDD He looks really great here! And yeah-mangastudio can be a pain. -_-; I wish it was more like photoshop.
He's still cute though! >W<
Tobias: Awww-wait...>>...will he still fall for my seme-tricks?
No words can describe how long I just squealed at this. XD
Pff-I think he's yelling about Seke. XDDD
Lovely job~! He's so cuuutee! >W< Even if you did change him a lil' bit!
AH-HAAAAA. Just getting my butt back into gear with all the stuff on here so I'm not just loafing around and READING great comics. |D
Yay! Looks good Tokyo! ^w^ Glad to see someone posting something. xD 'Guess this means I gotta' update nowz too D: *gets to work*
XDDDD Wooowww~Brooke you are teh' cuteness!>w<*huggles*
Tobias; OO Umm~I wouldn't drink if I was you brooke.^^;*Has had alcohol at age 13*
XD Yayz! Can't wait to see it!

Tobias; 8D *huggles and wags tail* BROOKE!! I'm so happeh' to see you!!TT^TT
MUHA!! I am NOT DEAD!! xD I liiivvveee~!
and wouldya' lookit that?! So does Tobias.xD We were having a lil' time over on DA.^^; He got a lip ring while he was there too.xD *huggles you all* Missed you! D8
x3 Squee~!Tobias!! xD
Oh maann~I SO need to update.But my scanner's been a butt-head.>> I should prolly' finish fixin' it cuz I've got a bunch of Tobi pics.^^
oh and btw-tobias's been hangin' around DeviantArt if ya' want to see him there too. xD
Yeah!What they said!This totally rocks!!Thankee Tokyo~~^w^

Tobias:*nosebleed* Hey,that looks difficult-let me help you.*evil grin*
Awww~!So adorable!!Do no worries-I shalt not eateth you.xD
Aww~Thanks you guys!^^ Sorry,I couldn't have seen this sooner-I was gone for the weekend.^^;
Hey...wait..My birthday's tommarow!!(Jan.19) OMG!!I totally forgot!!
yes wasabipea-because he's absolutely adorablex3
Happy Late Birthday to our one-and-only TheWelsh! If anyone has any trouble reading this I'll retype it.
OK now~This was a song I made up after hearing the song "I am cow" sent to me by one of my bestes-best friends. If you don't know the tune go to youtube and type in "I am cow".
*gigglefit* Omigosh this is soo cute!!!XD I can't stop giggling!
*giggle* This just randomly popped into my head-and I thought it was adorable!!!xD
SO!I reaaallly~wanted to give Tobias a tattoo-but didn't know how I was going to do that exactly-so I came up with this comic!^^
*snicker* Yes,that is a Do it yourself TATTOO kit!Heheh,not the naughty thing I made it seem to be.xD Again-I am sooo sorry that this turned out to be crap.TT^TT
Heheh,Tobias wants to play too.XDFor all of those who are confused-Seke is making a new outfit and is having Brooke be his 'manakin' type-thingy.
Sooo~Sorry for teh' crappiness.TT^TT
d'awww~So cute!!
Hmm...I need to update as well,now that I think about it..