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I like to draw and make up stories.

That's about it. :D

Sorry for work/life delay, should be back on normal Mondays scheduling!
Jin made an oops.

(P.S. Countdown begins now till I don't have to draw this prison again...)
@jukebox: As I wrote and drew this I thought of the face; "Awe, sweetie, this is about me, not you~"
*Insert grumpy cat face*

Side note: Can't believe this is at 198 pages, You're stamina is something to marvel at, bravo!
@Riaya: 100% agreed! And thanks so much , with much love! And I neglected my health for much longer then I should have with bad repercussions. (Don't do what I do kids.)
Style change...I apologize for such a long delay due to health and life reasons.
Back on the train! :D
Whoa sorry- for some reason smack jeeves did not upload this page on friday.
Chapter two soon!
Coming soon! Chapter two see you there!

Jan 31st will be an early release on for those who cannot wait.

Also, opening a Q&A if anyone is interested in participating. You can ask any of the characters or myself any question you like, or fan service request! (So long as it is not too plot related it will be answered)
So sorry for the delay due to holiday and family events!
Here is an early page this week! Next week Unravel will be back on schedule so stay tuned! :D
@'Ryn: This is very true XD
Update back up and running, sorry to the delay! ><
That man is clumsy and brave~
Do. Not. OPEN. That. Door.
-or so help that bad feeling- you know? :(
@nekokitty: Haha! I'm glad! :)
@coffeefeline: If his romantic status is more of an after thought, then I wouldn't worry much on it at all. It might feel very forced if not thought out properly regardless of gender. (PS magic mirror is awesome~)
@nekokitty: XD Then I'm going to have to stay quiet haha
I'm loving that last panel.
Seems she is trying to put the pieces together...or bury the thought entirely. :<
What will Jin find here? O.O