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I've done a bit of everything, and a bit of everything can go a long way when writing fiction. I'm more of a science fiction fan than comics or manga, though I've followed several titles in the past.

These days I'm a bit out of touch though, A recent trip to an anime convention and I felt like a dinosaur walking the earth.

I'm currently producing a webcomic based on the Trese Bros mobile phone game series Star Traders and Templar Assault
Welcome to the Quadrant
Thanks goes to J. Y. Calcano.
@DAFLI: Thank you! Are banners something you need a premium account for or just something I can splice into a forum signature?
Welcome Aboard
@Dayanx: Hi and thanks for checking out the comic. Star Traders: Shadow of Shalun is set in the game setting of Cory and Andrew Trese's Star Traders and Templar Assault games. The story is all mine, but there will no doubt the occasional in-joke will creep in from the forum as a bit of fan service to players of the games.
@maplebee: Thanks! I wish I could go faster than every two weeks, but I don't want the quality of the art to suffer due to other things and I certainly don't want to miss deadlines.