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my names rebecca but call me becca

loves: anime, manga, bl nd yaoi 2 a almost unnatural extent, chocolate nd popcorn (apart nd together) ^v^, japenese stuff nd drawin but im not good at all. i wuv vampire stuff i dont know y. oh nd books lots nd lots of books, bands: wednesday 13, i am ghost, escape the fate, p!atd nd mcr

hates: preps, rap, fur clothing, fish, ppl hu r assholes

i am a total hug whore

ok list of amazing artists
devdasi, kizzy, mitten, cullen chan, nicarius

jessexmuffins nd itaichira r sooo amazing its unbelievable

jessexmuffins is my lover ^.-

p.s. emo boys r hot hehe

nd i just dont know wat da phrase short nd sweet means ^v^
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hehe i love it!!

ahhh sexy top!!

god what i wudnt do 2 see those texts *thinks of amazingly suggestive texts that could b sent*

im seriously concidering adding u on msn.. but ill refrain beacuse in not a stalker >.> <.<
*wails incoherantly*

poor bo... at least we love u..

*does v for victory 2 ak*
bad boy
god i covet cairo

i shall b mature this time and not squeal like a insane fan girl.

i love the note. that will b the note i is leavin all my friends this week afta exams but more along the lines of

i had 2 go fail a exam.. i'll see you sumtime if they dont find my bloody carcass afta being murdered by my parents

luvs yhoo... *last wishes* dont let my sis touch my stuff
ooh i likes it

*favs* =0
doood!! i love u

im so mad i havent been able 2 check up on ze comic cos i gots a computer virus fingy... nd im so sad

but hun dis page is sooo good.. nd i love dat song i was tinkin dat it was from it!!! lol
ww ur doin the comic pages so fast now

dies in the arms of cairo. its ok if hes gay ;D

i loooove u. nd i wanna rape cairo. he wears da smexiest make up eva nd oh yeah love his anatomy in this pic. nd no that is not just me sayin he has a hot body ;D

JUST 2 MAKE SURE. I LOVE U REELY!!!!nd i love cairos hair. wait da green hair. nd i want his colour hair!!!!
btw i love cairos name. im a big egyptian fan. like reely obsessed nd all.

nd we DOOOO LOOOVVVVEEEEE UUUUU!!!!!!! we luv u alot.

nd this is in noway crappy. cos u r a amazing artist an all ur work is bootiful
we forgive u. i mean how cud we not u bring us such smexiful drawings. ;]
i totally agree with both statements

you deserve A LOT MORE FANS!!!

nd ppl r just plain weird. lets murder the ppl. *evil look in eye*
omf gawd like i seriously love how midori's all semeish but still takes it up da but!! lol

nd like seriously kouri is da biggest uke i hav eva eva seen. sept 4 da whole givin it midori up da but ting...
dood like dis is a amazin page!!!!

nd its so kool dat his tatoo says nightmare..
haha well u hav me 2 b ur loyal fan lol!!!

haha niice. since i mostly draw in classes i dont tink shouting and cursing wud work 4 me lol

seriously dis is the most amazingly drawn comic i hav seen on smackjeeves.its....... bootiful

btw i love mr hotty vamps ears der all cutilicious nd wat not. ok i hav sum weird issues lol
you r da most amazing artist ive ever seen. like ur only 16. omg

how much hav i been wasting my life if u can achieve amazingness like u hav wen ur 16.
HEYSIES!!! i saw ur fan art 4 jessexmuffins nd was amazed. SO I JUST HAD 2 SEE IF U HAD A COMIC!!!!!!

nd now i luv u sooooooo much i just wanna sqeeze da life outa u. dis comic is so beautiful and detailed nd omg and..... (im speechless lol)

VAMPIRES!!!!!!!! *runs around in circles till i throw up* i luv luv luv luv dem 2 bits.
wooo ur gonna ace ur finals. nd take as long as ya want.

i shall just salivate ova the previous pages. they shall keep me most happy ^v^
i wuv it. its soooo cute!!
haha sozzums *hits head*

dats bad reely bad. but if u do it infront of a guy it wd look like ur flirtin. lol