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All this plot! We all need a visual break instead of talking heads. ;)

Anyone that takes their clothes off in this comic deserves an entire panel at least once. Alright, I’m making that a rule for the Pandect universe.

Maybe everyone should start undressing for no good reason or just be naked when heavy plotting goes on?

Next time I plot I’ll try to remember that… but I probably won’t, but I will try :P

The escape from the zoo by Fleance mentioned by Titus can be found here:
@Mistress0fDragons: You no see the "Official Page" link up top? D:

Here you go!
@Mistress0fDragons: yes indeed :) One of the most toxic animals on this planet. It's scientific name is chironex fleckeri. You don't ever want to run into these
Aww crap I forgot to keep this page up to date with the official page!! Sorry about that guys!

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@amydanmy: he would have no reason not to use that one someone but who will be this unlucky person? D:

Definitely crack pairing in idea in the works XD
Official page equivelant:
@Aiyse: will it finally become someone's lunch breakfast or dinner?? D:
These character look familiar? Check out the official page for reference links on where you last saw them :D
December 27th, 2015
New chapter! :D

Where was this background featured?
See the official page:
@jury: HI Jury! First off I'm SO SORRY I didn't see your message to me until now! I just have some free time to myself today and wanted to comb through all the old posts to make sure I didn't miss anything and I missed such a thoughtful message and such concern for me, thank you!

I think you're brave for going through with it. And I thank you for being there had I needed to talk to someone. This means a lot as these can be very stressful and vulnerable time for a woman, and it helps to have a friend that supports you in your decision.

Although I've decided the opposite, the family is all ready for the child so he/she will have a good life.

Love to talk to you more, don't want to discuss too much personal details between the both of us here, will you be okay to email? I'm at:
@Mavya: if he/she could talk he/she would tell you don't take it personally XD
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@grlwithsixarms: Thanks so much!!! I try! XD
@beachblondey: here you go! See you there! :)
@Janobii: thanks for the feedback!! Hmm that's as I use the same image for this site as the official site. When you're in the front page and see the blurry latest page thumbnail do you click on it? If you do it will take you to the clear page. The reason is just incase the page is nsfw. This is the page:
@Janobii: really? I don't usually update this site cause it's not mobile friendly like the official lol. But let me know in which way? Like navigation of the comic, the text, etc. i can look into improving it. Also incase there may be days I'm out of the country or a delay in updates this site wont be updated at all so don't want awesome readers to miss out XD
Sorry I keep forgetting to update this site D: sorry I still haven't got back to some of these wonderful comments in the last few week!! I swear I'm not an asshole! I'm doing a massive amount of pages to hopefully last for awhile and that mean I have to be distraction free for a week or so longer. Thank you for the 1200 faves and thank you for reading! Also follow me in the official page (link on top) to always get on time updates :3
@Shadow of the Angel: Thanks for your adorable comment!! Haha you read Edgar's mind!! Sorry for the late reply tho ^^;;;
@Memi: sorry for the late reply!!! Thank you so much :) and btw I did upload the finished page on the official site :D

Thanks for reading my comic!!!