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Woo! Peoples are viewing mah profile! So, what i like doing really is just hanging out with mah friends, playing video games, most of the time Zelda or Pokemon. I also like reading comics like the ones here, again, most of the time LoZ or Pokemon, and I am also an avid reader of fanfiction, can you guess of what? That's right! Pokemon and Zelda! Such a surprise right? I like a lot of other video games too, but my main games are Loz or Pokemon so, yeah. That's why I mention them so much. So yup, that's me. I'm also writing a Pokemon fanfiction currently. It's posted on Please check it out! It's called Shadows Within the Soul. Pen name is MSimms1995. Here's the URL for the First Chapter:

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When i click the newspost (the right here thing) it just says invalid ID. O.o what'd i miss?
i really hope that she didn't start the microwave D:
Holy Crap!...
...First! Also, nice job. zit sucks that you lost, but i'm still really liking it. Woo seeing 3rd run soon!
Uh oh. I've played the game. I know what's coming soon D:
Wow. Stabbed someone just for playing with his hair? Damn. Ted does not mess around xD
@Angelz_Blaze: It could spread so fast through the rest of the body after the bite that by the time someone tries to cut off their limb, it's already spread to more of the body (just a theory tho)
just another spelling error here. i think you mean "he didn't break /his/ neck" in panel 2. (i'm not saying the errors to be a dick. just trying to be helpful. if you'd prefer i don't point them out, just say so and i'll stop)
I'm really liking this comic. its a great idea and i'm liking the execution. Only thing is so far is on this page, it's throat, not troath. just a little spelling error that probably takes like 30 seconds to fix. Figured i'd say something. Otherwise, keep up the good work!
@Boshwa: She didn' do it on purpose. It's a Nuzlocke. It happens. The language is completely unneeded.
I'm literally imagining Jojo speaking in Cake the Cats voice xD. Idk why tho. I just get that vibe from her.
Whoa. I didn't realize i had finally caught up. i kept clicking next but nothing happened xD But i finally caught up. Keep up the great work!
@mrwiggles: xD i love your avatar image
I didn't realize that George had pink hair xD
MY EYES!!! (insert picture of fish having his eyes burned here) But this burning is cuz of beauty! You truly are an amazing artist. After how it started in emerald, your artwork has only improved, and it's incredible. You've done a great job at the art work, and mixing up the story a bit to give it your own little touch and keeping the readers interested. Keep up the great work Gigi, and may the Shwartz be with you! (sorry. watched spaceballs before this xD)
She's back!
And better than ever! So happy you have returned to the world of Pokemon! Nice job on this page too, awesome tentacruel. Now i want to get one XD
I got a black 3ds last January. But once the Zelda 3ds xl came out back in November, I sold the black one to a friend and bought the Zelda one. I love it. It's my baby lol (I know. I has no life XD)
@Pokemontrainergigi: Ah ok. Thanks for clarifying! Lol oh Jack Sparrow. You and your shenanigans XD
I don't understand
what the alt text means XD i is confuzzled
I feel bad for that chikorita. It looked so scared and didnt deserve that beating athena gave it ;-;
More Epic
@shadic565: It's even more epic while listening to this! This is so awesome!!