I originally joined back in 'June 18th, 2007, 5:27 pm.
I'm on and off in this site for periods but I love reading good comics, but now days I usually read from Tapastic and Webtoon from my cellphone.
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re-reading the comic..

another failure?

..can the man eater been one of them but like Saturno thought about running he actually succeeded in doing that?
Hm... hard to stay DE is a very special comic which really should have it's own tag xD
I mean it's full of evolution and biology, monsters becoming human and such...
I think Shi-Fi can work.

Sci-fi/horror not that it's scary but it's.. unsettling on and off along the story line.
is all the brown parts the parts that had scale before?
April 25th, 2017
@JillyFoo: aaah right
April 21st, 2017
the first time he met Alpha (when he were a noodle worm) does he know that was Alpha and does she know it's him?
"Handsome expressive face" damn Alpha is getting flirty~ ;)
March 25th, 2017
Ooh so the 'shell like' parts are turning into skin?
Hm... it would be cool to see him turn all human, but he looks so good grey lol
oooooh I wanna see her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
February 28th, 2017
"She likes him"
Hope you'll get it going around
I recognize the white haired guy but I don't remember which the others are exactly or who used to have the ponnytail xD
This is great :D
She looks really tired xD
Hm.. I can't help but to wonder. What is it that makes Lucy being so relaxed around him so fast? They just met and he isn't human or anything like that.

..or is that what makes her so quick to feel comfortable with him.. or... is it what she red in her mothers Diaries?

:x Curious
Well if it's creepy or not depends on if it's Bobby or a stranger.
if its a complete stranger.........then yes.
but if it's someone that know her/knew her then it's more friendly/affectionate.

or well.. I do hope it is, since I usually stroke my girlfriend like that when she's sleeping in the morning xD so really hope it's not a creepy move haha xD
-Curious- hm..?
@Amapora: Sadly I have to pass on that xD
But mind telling me if there's a schedule for the updates.? :)